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Dumb question about Dell tech support and remote access...

Asked by poofandmook (17272points) April 22nd, 2009

I have a service rep accessing my laptop right now while I’m on the phone with him…

Can he nose around in my computer without me seeing it on the screen? And then two sub-questions; Can he see my porn? Will he have access to automatic entries into data fields, such as my credit card numbers?

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@poofandmook, the techician can see everything on your computer right now. Everything. He’s using a remote assistance login, which gives him full control. If you want to see what he’s doing, you can bring up task manager to find out what processes he is running, but you have no way of knowing what his eyes are on.

Your CC numbers should be safe. I say should be, because I don’t know how you’re storing them. Some per-user data is encrypted for your login ID, so even though the tech has an unrestricted account, he cannot see anything that is encrypted for your account.

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I was watching everything he was doing… where the mouse was going, what he clicked on, what he typed. That’s why I asked if he can do other things without me seeing, even though I can clearly see (at least some of) what he’s doing.

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Anything on screen he can see.
The programs for those companies usually log the interactions to keep everyone honest from what I’ve heard. And I’ve never had an issue. He can see anything you would see, but only if he goes there, and he’s not gonna start snooping around randomly with you watching.

Most of those programs have a ‘control’ somewhere, with Verizon I have the option to stop the session pause it or continue, so as the tech warns me if I’m uncomfortable leaving the room, or with what he’s doing I can freeze him at anytime.

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While a remote terminal tech session is secure, and the tech would be in big trouble for snooping on your comp (privacy laws and what not) AND the fact you would be able to end the session and retake control any time….

Despite all these facts, you should accept the fact that regardless of any interaction online, your data is always susceptible to invasion of any and all sorts. Unless you have sophisticated protection measures in place, you should always beware that if you are connected to the internet, you are taking at least a marginal risk.

For example, say your computer was open to another person remotely accessing it… even if you didn’t see them do anything heinous during the session, how do you know they didn’t insert a keylogger without your knowledge, and they now will have a log of every keystroke you type from then on. You may not have lost anything at that point… until you type passwords, account numbers and CC digits.

Let the surfer beware.

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I was just worried he could see my pr0n. LOL

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That’s why mine is on the external drive, and I turn it off when the tech comes to say hello. :)

I might be paranoid.

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@asmonet: Lurve. I knew you would understand me. LOL

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Lurve ditto.

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@poofandmook , that was very nice of him, letting you watch. They used to just poke around in there and tell you what they did afterwards. Or not.

You might consider keeping your prno in an encrypted folder. All it takes are a few mouse clicks. Right-click the folder, select Properties, and under the General tab, click the Advanced… button. This will pop up a dialog that allows you to Encrypt contents to secure data. Now, this isn’t really secure, say, from LEA, but it will keep casual eyes out.

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