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What were Frances majoir exports and imports during the French revolution?

Asked by laceykorn (9points) April 22nd, 2009

I just need about three basic things for exports and imports for a school project.

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For sure I can tell you cotton and fur pelts. I would assume tobacco as well. Spices from the East Indies maybe?

The big ones back in the 18th century were cotton, tobacco, sugar, spices, ivory, tea, fur pelts, ..... I think I covered the big ones. (Those would virtually all be imports though, not sure about the exports… revolutionary fever?)

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@laceykorn; Welcome to fluther. Keep in mind, however, that we don’t do homework, unless its our own. This info would be extremely easy to Google.

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If you want the smart alec answer, the french were exporting themselves and importing metal for Gullotine(sp?) blades. Really though, I think Westy81585 has it right…

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@westy81585 is on the right track, but laceykorn needs to refine her research just a tad.

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