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What are the differences between Facebook and Myspace?

Asked by narussian (50points) December 7th, 2007 from iPhone

Is it simply demographics, if so how? If not, what then?

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They are immensely different. Myspace seems to be more flashy, facebook is more for networking. I’d suggest joining both and experiencing them for yourself.

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Facebook started out as a tool that college kids from different campuses or the same campus used to link to one another. Then they expanded to include high schools, and now anyone can join. Since this change has occurred, facebook has become more and more similar to myspace. Now you can put tons of “applications” on your facebook page which I think make it look cluttered and detract from the original aim of the page—to be a networking tool. But that’s just my opinion. Demographically speaking, I feel like because facebook started as a website for college kids, it still maintains a strong hold in that age group and community. At this point I think myspace is still the sketchier of the two because anyone can join and it has been that way since it’s inception.

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Facebook, at least for now, has much less spam than MySpace. A day doesn’t pass without some hooker asking to be my friend on MySpace.

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Myspace is trashy.
Facebook is for respectable people that either go to college, go to church, or have real jobs. Myspace is where people go to post pictures of themselves partying and pictures of their baby’s that were born mostly out of wed-lock. There are, however, several exceptions to the rule, but most people on myspace post things that only low-brow-job employers could not care about. For instance if you took the average 23 year old, male, myspace page, and showed it to an employer at a tech company, that person would be fired..

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What are the differences between Facebook and Myspace in terms and conditions

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