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Do you ever wonder what on earth are other Fluther users writing in their replies because they are taken so long?

Asked by Myndecho (948points) April 23rd, 2009

Most of the time they only ever seem to reply with two to three lines.

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I can only speak for myself. My five year old daughter interrupts me quite a bit. Like she’s doing right now.

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I will often leave a half-finished reply open while I do something else; so I presume that the other person might be doing that as well.

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Sometimes I fluther while my son is awake, and I get distracted and go make him dinner or give him a bath…that usually only happens in the chatroom though.

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Because some of us are very easily amused or distracted.

Because sometimes all hell breaks loose and we do not return for an hour or more.

Because while Fluther is an awesome distraction it is work that pays the bills.

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I’ve got my msn on, so, I have a few distractions. That or the cat walking across, or trying lounge on the keyboard while I am hoping to type. Then there’s always the phone which is usually attached to my ear whilst home.

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fighting the impulse to start an answer, and leave it to go bake cookies

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Maybe some folks are editing and shortening a long answer.

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It takes me a long time to type on my iPhone.

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I assume like me that they’re fluthering on the job and have to stop now and then to do work or if someone walks by.

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~ Of course with the really long answers it takes a long time to edit out all the foul language.

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I usually compose my answers somewhere else and then copy and paste into the reply box. The idea of people actually watching and waiting for a new answer to pop up makes me feel anxious. XD

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I generally simply hope that they haven’t suddenly collapsed and died, with their face pressed against the keyboard, leaving marks on their corpse that even heavy pancake make up cannot obscure and thus necessitating a closed casket funeral.

On that cheerful note…

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I just get distracted… one time I was driving down the road and realized I hadn’t finished answering a question :P

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The worst is when you open a tab, and find a comment you started yesterday.

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I hypothesize that people are slow typers, have gotten distracted, or have a lot to say. I, of course, never have a lot to say! Although, I tend to say it at length!

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yes, but i have a tendency of opening multiple tabs and windows at once. also, leaving while in the middle of typing something. or my mum wants to go online, so i just slash down the screen mid-reply, and forget about it.
sometimes, even if my answer only has a few lines, i start typing but then start thinking i’m not sure about my answer, and put it off for a few minutes…or hours.

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