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How do you feel about HR 1207 the "Audit the Fed" Bill, that is currently in committee with 71 co-sponsors!

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We could use some transparency in this country. And by “some” I mean “a lot”.

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I am all for it, but if Bernard or Barny, major contributer to the pressent mess, doesn’t want it, or any perception of hanky panky on how the Fed enabled its elitist banking/wall street/corporate political hacks fleeced the American public, it will be squashed as nonsense. The bill will get the wind knocked out of it as pure political right wing lunacy. It should become law-the federal reserve is no more federal than Federal Express, congress knows that, and the people inevitably will learn how badly the elitists have lied to us and, and fraudulently ripped us off.

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@Garebo There is one way to possibly get it going. That is contacting our Reps and telling them to set it as a goal to pass it or not get elected again.

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It takes so much dang time, they make it very inconvenient for rascals to email them. The best way I think is to write them, they always take that more seriously, solely for the effort. And I should do so to my out of touch liberal representatives and senators-whoops, I forgot, there is still only one senator, but we all know she does what the Fuhrer, says.

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