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How could you have a baby and not even know you were preggers?

Asked by nanocat (45points) April 24th, 2009

It is Friday!

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I could probably do it. It’s not unheard of for me to go longer than nine months with no period, so that wouldn’t clue me in. And you don’t always get a baby belly when you’re pregnant, either. My cousin had a baby last October and I saw her just days before and there was no way to tell she was pregnant. She’d gained no weight. And she wasn’t even trying not to. She just didn’t.

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I knew a woman who looked pregnant most of the time, because of her weight, and she was always getting sick. It was just flu, or food poisoning. This went on for two or three years, and one day, she had stomach cramps so bad we took her to the hospital, where she discovered she was having a baby. He was perfectly healthy, and they did fine after that. She had no idea who the father was, since she had several male companions.

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When I first read your answer I was thinking “wow, she was pregnant for two or three years?” No wonder she didn’t know who the father was! :)

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I was 4 months along before I found out I was pregnant. I never got morning sickness and every pregnancy test I took said I wasn’t pregnant, even the test at planned parenthood said I wasn’t pregnant.

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Yes, one of my friends recently got a son, and never knew she was pregnant.. I met her 3 days before she gave birth and could not see a thing…

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Well if you have the baby, then you aren’t pregnant anymore.. so technically… any woman could do it.

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This is such a timely question! I’ve often wondered about the same thing, especially after having three kids of my own. Then, the other night I was flipping through channels and came across a show called “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant” or something like that. I think it was on The Learning Channel.

Anyway, the show was about this young woman who had heart problems and was told having a baby would be too dangerous. She was on the pill, and only got her period every few months. She jogged, wore a bikini to the local pool, and gained about 10 pounds without really noticing. No sickness, and she still got her period every now and then. One night she woke up with horrible stomach pains, told her boyfriend she was going to the hospital, and passed out on the way to her car. Luckily a neighbor saw her and called an ambulace. The EMTS were examining her and saw that her pants were all wet. They took a closer look, and the baby was crowning. This girl had a baby while unconscious—she never even knew whe was pregnant. They boyfriend came running up just as the baby was born. The baby was 10 weeks early and only weighed 3 pounds, so I guess the kicking in the womb could have gone unnoticed or been shrugged off as gas.

The mom woke up in the ambulance and thought she’d been in a car accident. The baby had to spend a few weeks in the hospital, but otherwise turned out OK.

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@MissAusten My word! What a story! And what a surprise!

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Cocaine is a hell of drug…

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Yes its possible I know a couple of women that had there period the whole time they were pregnant so they didnt know in that way. Also one was obese so she couldnt tell by a growing belly and the other one carried her weight in the back so she couldnt tell either. Crazy stuff.

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My last child I didn’t know till I was 7 months along, I never had any symptoms of ‘pregnancy’ like I did with my first one. I was shocked when I went to the doctor and they told me I was. I was going through the ‘change’ and thought something was wrong as I had all the symptoms of menopause and also had NO period either for a long time. But what I did find out is that I had a ‘fibroid tumor’ and that was what was causing all the ‘pain’ I had, I couldn’t really feel the baby until the very end.

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This topic blows my mind. I’m not saying the women are lying, but I just can’t imagine.
I got huge with my pregnancy, and started to feel my son moving around 13–15 weeks. So, there was no denying I was pregnant haha.
I also have endometriosis though, and just went 65 days without a period, if it were for my constant peeing on a stick, I could have been pregnant and just wrote it off as my endometriosis.
Eevery pregnancy is different, so I’m sure it happens more often than we think. My friend didn’t find out until she was 17 weeks! She was in school, lots of stress, only had sex once and used protection so she didn’t even think it was a possiblity.

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I’m sure sometimes there’s a lot of ignorance and denial involved. But if you’ve never had a baby, have other health issues, and absolutely no reason to believe you may be pregnant, I could see how it could go unnoticed. In the case I described above, it was understandable. The boyfriend’s mother said she’d seen the pregnant woman in a bikini only a week before the baby was born, and would never have imagined she was pregnant.

I wanted to watch the other half of the show, which was going to be about a woman whose third child was born in a store, and she hadn’t known she was pregnant either. I got a phone call though and missed it.

OK, I found a link (outdated) about the show, which is actually on the Discovery Health channel. I’m going to keep an eye out for it from now on!

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There was a woman I knew, who like @lollipop, thought she was going through menopause and didn’t even consider that she could have been pregnant. I think she found out around 7 months also.

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I knew a woman who had never had a period and for all intents and purposes was sterile. She ovulated once and it was fertilized and the first she knew about it was when her waters broke. She never ovulated again.

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I would imagine you would have to be totally out of tune with your body. I’ve heard of this, but it’s beyond my comprehension. I pay a lot of attention to what’s going on with my body, but I suppose not everyone is the same way. I can see not knowing for the first few months, especially if you are having periods, but once it starts kicking and your stomach gets hard and grows some, I’d think the lady would get a clue. But that’s just me.

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@essieness Yeah, I can’t get past the kicking part. Especially the last couple of months, when you can actually see your belly moving, or when you sit down and your boobs rest on the shelf of your enormous belly, you can’t tie your own shoes, and getting out of bed in the morning requires some serious effort. The more I think about being pregnant (which is something I have tried very hard to forget), the more amazing it is to me that someone can carry a baby to term, or close to term, without knowing she’s pregnant.

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@MissAusten Some people live like that every day of the year, like the lady in my example. Her son turned out to be the exact opposite of my son, who tried to kick his way out for over a month, and was a very active child. Hers just sat around all the time and smiled.

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