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What songs should I put on my iPod?

Asked by candacewells4 (83points) April 24th, 2009

i already have a ton, but i love getting more. are there any songs like from the last decade that you never really got tired of? especially rock songs. preferably not metal or country.

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David Essex’s “Rock On”.

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anytin’ you want (sorry, “Me So Horny” reference)

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@uberbatman lurve for Kid Cudi Vs Crookers

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anything by Ours.

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@jmah never heard of him until the other night when he opened for Ratatat. I’ve been hooked since.

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Definitely This one.

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I don’t listen to much music made in this decade so I can’t really help you here. What sort of stuff do you like?

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Southern Culture on the Skids-The Dirt Track Date album is awesome!

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songs by U2, Queen and Linkin Park.

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The kind you like.

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Lurve for the decemberists (I saw them at a music festival amazing!!!!).

Ben lee
They might be giants
Death cab for cutie
The postal service
(those are all bands)

Hey julie
How fAr we’ve come
Dirty little seceret

Bands I thought of and am to lazy to go back up on my iPhone.
Blink 182
The killers

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Something you want to listen to? Just a guess.

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These are not from the last decade, but they are the most beautiful songs I know:
Aretha Franklin: Till you come back to me
Donovan: Catch the Wind
Van Morrison: Into the Mystic
Bruce Springsteen: Thunder Road (live version)
Linda Ronstadt: Round Midnight
Frank Sinatra: How Insensative
Peter Paul & Mary: Don’t Think Twice, It’s Allright
The Grateful Dead: Ripple

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I recommend the Smashing Pumpkins and HUM for sure. All of their stuff is good.

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Bag Raiders, if you’re into EPIC.

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Only the best rap song ever! Take it away Biz.

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Hating, Korn
You Know You’re Right, Nirvana
Something in the Way, Nirvana (the electric version is amazing)
Alone I Break, Korn
Death to Birth, Pagoda
Asking For It, Hole
Thoughtless, Korn
Hollow Life, Korn
Alone, Pagoda
Sappy, Nirvana
Verse Chorus Verse, Nirvana

ok I think all of that is probably from the 90s or therabouts (sorry) and i’ll stop with my bad list…

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