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What do you think of Asher Roth?

Asked by Wine3213 (1118points) April 25th, 2009 from iPhone

I haven’t really heard anything from this guy that warrants all the hype, or the comparison to Eminen. (Besides being a white rapper) I know he kinda sounds like Em, but lyrically, I don’t see the hype.

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Does he do that song about college? He is very annoying. And yes, I thought it was Eminem.

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i think he is good, all the hype is because he is not the classic rapper, he is a kid form the suburbs, in music business you don’t expect a kid form the suburbs will take rap and make a career based on that, you know, you expect that a kid with that background would have a britney spears/paris hilton poster on his bedroom and a bunch of pop cd’s on his desk…

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I think he does sound just like Eminem too but i like some of his songs “lark in my go kart” take his music for what it is, party music for college kids.

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Everyone I know has been talking quite highly of him. I don’t think he’s that good.

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I will admit his “I love college” song is very annoying, but I think he can make a decent song lyrically when he wants to (see his “A Milli” remix).

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