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What is the best underground hip-hop/rap song you think I should download?

Asked by mass_pike4 (2096points) December 25th, 2009

I need to add some new beats to my itunes…

I like artists like Jedi Mind Tricks, Gang Starr, People Under the Stairs, and The Pharcyde to give you a layout of the type of beats and lyricists I enjoy.

Any help would be great! Happy holidays!

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I really like “Sage Francis” and “Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip” and “Atmosphere”.

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Atmosphere, Jurassic5, and Brother Ali

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I’m lookin for specific songs…I have sage francis, atmosphere, j5, and brother ali on my tunes…a lot of j5, atmosphere, and ali

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I don’t know if this qualifies as underground, but try Kid Cudi. This song features Ratatat, so you can’t go wrong with it.

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Gillie da Kid. Not exactly Jedi Mind Tricks, but “get down on the ground” is a pretty fantastic song.

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All you need to listen to all day long: ‘Come Clean’ by Jeru the Damaja.
Another smooth track is ‘Chief Rocka’ by Lords of the Underground, when you like it like that ;)
’ Boy Meets World’ by Erick Sermon. Niiiiiice ooooonnne.

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@stouthearted: Oh I like the sermon track niiice

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Non at all!

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Dizzee Rascal’s earlier stuff (check out Boy In Da Corner) may be to your liking.

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Immortal Technique “Caught in a hustle” “Crimes of the heart”
Dead Prez “Tallahassee Days”
Mr. Lif “earth crusher”
MF DOOM ” no snakes alive”
Nas ” The world is yours” ” let there be light”
Talib Kweli “listen”
Common “I used to love H.E.R ”

most anything from these artists is great, usually older stuff is the best, hopefully this helps get you started, let me know if you want more artists/ specific songs

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