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Would you want to know if there were nude pictures of you online?

Asked by FrankHebusSmith (4319points) April 25th, 2009

So a buddy of mine from high school very excitedly tells me he has something to show me. He ends up sending me a slue of pictures of girls we went to highschool with flashing and whatnot at a bar or something. Now granted, they’re clearly whores already for the fact they’re flashing a bunch of people at bars, but do you think I should let them (or the one or two that I know better) that there’s pictures of them on a website?

And also, it reminded me how some months ago I stumbled upon a very….. graphic, picture of a friend of mine now… She most definitely is not a whore, and it looks as though an x b/f took it, and posted it online. I didn’t have the heart to tell her.

Do you think it’s better to not tell them and let them just live in ignorant bliss, or to tell them about the pictures?

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Well, you opinions of women and their value as humans are clearly dependent on their sexual habits, so I think you have answered your own question. Maybe you should cut down on the porn a bit.

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Hard to say without seeing the pictures.

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If there were pictures of me out there, I’d want to know.

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@oratio Lay off man. I didn’t say I don’t think those girls from high school are good people or anything, but frankly if you’re doing that type of thing, that’s a whore quality (in fact one of them I know for a fact WAS a whore). I’m just calling em like I see em.

And I don’t watch that much porn. And moreover, what the hell business is it of yours that I do? Pretty easy to be high and mighty when you’re typing on the computer. If you don’t have something to contribute, maybe you just shouldn’t post?

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removed by me

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ha, there probably ARE plenty of my nude pictures on the web
half of them I posted myself at one point or another

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I would want to know, definitely. I think you should tell the people you know. Just because they let someone take that kind of picture of them, they wouldn’t necessarily want it on the internet for the world to see.

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I’d want to know if there were some of me. But the “whores” should expect this type of thing.

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I’m not an exhibitionist so if there were nude pictures of me on the internet, they would have been taken without my knowledge. I would absolutely want to know. If I saw the photos I would immediately know where they were taken and under what circumstances. This would really narrow down who took the picture.

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what about “don’t take nude pictures”?

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@bianlink That would seem to be elementary wouldn’t it? heh heh
Not many years from now we’re going to be hearing a lot of stories from people who are having trouble finding jobs or losing jobs because of their internet nudity.

Parents will need to add this component to the “sex talk”.

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Think of it this way: our porn must come from somewhere. And if there weren’t exemplary citizens like these girls, we would not have nude girls to look at online. Can you imagine a world where all girls are told there are nude pictures of them online? Friday nights would be so lonely!

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An x g/f of mine gave me some pictures of herself a while back. I promised when she gave them to me that if we ever broke up I’d erase them, and when we finally did break up a while later I did as I had promised.

She lucked out, in the fact that about a week after having deleted them, my computer was stolen. Had they still been on there, who knows where they’d be by now.

Basically what I’m saying is that the idea of pictures is nice and all, but if you’re going to do it you obviously better be very sure of who you’re giving them too. Not every guy will erase them like I did, and even if they will, who’s to say something won’t happen that they get taken anyways?

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@Master Well the problem is that at least in the case of the girl I’m friends with now, I’m fairly certain she didn’t intend for that picture to get online. It’s one thing for pictures of a porn star to get online, they’re asking for it and getting paid for it and fully aware. These girls may be completely unaware, and unapproving.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic “sex talk”? Good idea. It should be the item next to “condoms”.

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Obviously I can’t control what’s done with nudies I’ve already shared with people, I have to take my chances they are responsible with the pics and if not then no, I don’t want to know. It would be just one more thing to be frustrated about that I can’t do anything about once done.

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I think I would want to know especialy if the photo was taken when I was in a realtionship and an ex posted it on some random site, that way I could mke sure it was taken off line asap. Things like that can ruin someones career, especially if they are in public job teacher etc…

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I know that you want to be honest and open with your friend, yet you have to realize this can be hurtful and upsetting, so go to hotmail, make a new email address, and send her a link to the site.
And please, post the link here!

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I tried to give the internet naked pictures of myself, but the internet gave them back… stupid interweb!

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Wow, they didn’t even post them to Epic Fail?

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Actually I did find one picture that wasn’t rejected, but it wasn’t as risque as the ones that were…

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I would wanna know. Because someone may tell um and it may be better coming from you. At least your friend.. Of course you could ask yourself what you would want some one to do if there were pix of you Oo

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raises hand Not terribly helpful, but yes, I would want to know. There’s a reason I will never give a boyfriend nude pictures of me…

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