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Will getting my name legally changed invalidate my passport?

Asked by 3or4monsters (3218points) April 28th, 2009

I am getting married in less than 2 weeks, and I’d planned take my husband’s name. I was told when I do this, I need to get a new driver’s ID, and new social security card, and a new passport to reflect the change. All well and good. But my sister is getting married out of the country in August, and I’m worried that if I jump through these hoops, that I won’t receive my new passport in time to participate in her wedding.

If I end up not getting my new passport in time, will I be able to present my old driver’s ID, SS card, passport, with my new driver’s ID and SS, will they accept the old passport? It is not expired… I renewed it 3 years ago.

I’m about 98% certain getting married won’t change my face much in 3 months time, so the pictures will still be correct. :) I realize too that I could circumvent this issue by waiting a few months to change my name, but I was really looking forward to this step in our union.

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The turnaround time on passports is four to six weeks, so if you send for one immediately the moment you have all the supporting paperwork, and especially if you indicate that you need it for August, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

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I got married in May and I just looked on my passport, the name was legally changed in August, I don’t think I hurried doing it, so I think you should be fine.

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I don’t have an answer, but I wanted to say Congratulations!

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I think you can pay more money and rush the process of getting a passport so that the turnaround time is two weeks.

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@janbb Oh! I didn’t realize. I will look into that. Thank you!

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When I read this question and saw it was from you I was assuming that you would have changed your name to something ridiculous like “Reptar!”
but congrats on the marriage.

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It took about 5 minutes when I got my new social security card, getting my new license took longer…you have to get your licensed changed first, so you have proof of your new name. And you just need to bring your marriage certificate for that. You may already know these things, but I had no clue it would be so simple!
I hope you can get a rush on the new passport! Congrats!

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You can either rush the new passport OR you can wait a few months to change your name. Hopefully your husband to be would understand.


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Thanks everyone. :)

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@3or4monsters – Congratulations!! I wouldn’t trust the regular process, one of my close friends did, her passport was delayed – throwing a huge monkey wrench into long-standing plans. If anything, do the rush. If you new husband would be comfortable with your waiting until you return, wait – like @EmpressPixie suggested.

Enjoy your wedding and enjoy the trip and your sister’s wedding! Congratulations to both of you. :)

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I would just wait to change your name until after you go to your sister’s wedding. I don’t think it’s worth risking it.

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In most cases you could just explain this to whoever asks. Having as many documents as possible to back up your story is a good idea. If you’re travelling with your husband I think things will be easier, because the whole thing will be obvious too.

I have 2 passports, each with a different name. When I once had to prove that I am the same person, I just showed them both (though I generally only use one at a time).

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@Jack79: I fully believe that would work leaving the USA (if she’s American), but getting back in is such a nightmare. I would never, ever want to do it with less than perfect documentation.

I also fully believe that would work getting in and out of ANY nation I’ve traveled to other that my homeland.

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why would anyone want to go back in with all this crisis going on?

I know what you mean, and obviously having one valid document is the best option. But I’m sure if she doesn’t manage on time she’ll sort it out eventually, even if it means some extra hassle at the airport.

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