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Is there a router and software that works nicely with XP and Linux?

Asked by DandyDear711 (1512points) April 28th, 2009

I have a d-link hooked up to desktop XP. I network several latops wireless with the d-link. One of the laptops is a ee pc 900A Linux (Mini). I am having trouble getting the Mini to be recognized by Network Magic/D-Link. (I did once but not anymore.) If there another router/software out there that will work with linux and XP?

Network Magic did recognize the Mini but when I updated the OS on the mini, it stopped recognizing it. Perhaps I should remove Network Magic and reinstall – good idea?

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What features of Network Magic are you using? (I’d never heard of it). I can’t see any mention of Linux on the NM website. I’d try it without Network Magic and see if that works.

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I’ve never had a router that didn’t work with both linux and XP. I’ve only used D-link and Netgear routers though. It doesn’t seem like Network Magic is built to work with linux though. Is Network Magic a software you put on the router? Or do you install it on a computer that is connecting to the router?

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I got it to work after lots of messing around on dlink website. changed from wpa to wep. I am sure it was mostly my stupidity. The terms they use in linux and wireless networking are not intuitive to me.

now my question is, how do I make my network to be the default network, it likes to selected the weaker neighbor’s linksys. (I am glad that one is there for a back up!)

Also how do I get eeebuntu standard to remember the key? Right now I have to punch it in every time I connect to the network.

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