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Why would my cat act like this?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7423points) April 28th, 2009

I have a cat, she’s about 2–3 years old, and I’ve had her for maybe 1.5 years or so.

When she is in my apartment, she acts very skiddish, and shys away from anyone trying to approach her, to include myself. The only way I can ever get her, is if she is sleeping, and I go up to her then…or I will follow her into my room, and shut the door behind me. Once I get to her, and pet her, she acts perfectly fine, purrs a lot, moves around and clearly enjoys the attention. Sometimes when I’m petting her, she’ll quickly go from purrs to, swatting at me, and being angry for no apparent reason. I have a tall kitty condo for her to climb into, and she’ll get all the way to the top, and lay down. I try to pet her there, and she gets very defensive and angry and does the swatting, and squints her eyes like I’m going to smack her. Both my cats sleep with me at night near my legs too.

I don’t abuse my cat in any way, in fact most people would say I spoil them pretty bad. I have two cats, one female, one male, both bengal breed.

When I took her recently to a cat clinic to have her looked at for some coughing and sneezing she’s had lately, we were in the examination room. And she was very social, walked around rubbing into everything, and let everyone pet her. Not once did she get defensive, or angry, and not once tried to bite, or swat at anyone.

Why would she act so differently at home?

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She might not have been socialized very much as a kitten.

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Maybe she saw something she didn’t like in your diary, and has decided to give you the cold shoulder?

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Cats have unique personalities and if she is truly a Bengal, that may be a large part of your problem (they’re pretty inbred and commonly neurotic). She may become more sociable as she ages or she may not. Your best bet is to do some behavior modification training. Cats can be trained very similarly to dogs, with clicker training and food rewards. Decide on the traits that you want to reward (i.e. being sociable) and work on reinforcing those.

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Cats are cats-can’t make any sense out of what they do. My two kitty boys do whatever they feel like, whenever they feel like and I don’t think too much about it. I have one that doesn’t like to get picked up by anyone buy my daughter, he won’t even let me touch him. I think it’s probably because when we got him as a kitten the family he came from had a girl about my daughter’s age, so he’s always loved her best.

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Cat’s are like women. Men aren’t supposed to try to figure us out. You’re just supposed to read our minds.

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I would definitely suggest not petting her at the top of the kitty condo—there’s something about the height advantage which makes cats get frisky and try to swat things (mine do this on stairs, on my brother’s loft bed…) In that one situation, I think the height ratio just flips some switch in their brain. As for the rest, I’m not sure (sorry)—cats are weird?

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Cats are strange just like Jim Morrison use to sing “people are strange”. When a cat know you want it too much it wants to leave-at least my cats react that way. They are the the most sensitive things I have ever known-mind boggling how in touch they are with any energy, especially human energy. I always try to respect that, considering how much I hated them most my life.

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I forget where I heard this at… but, cats are always suppose to be in “alpha” mode in their brains….which apparently makes them more perceptive to energy, psychic sensory, and things like that.

thanks for all the input, I guess the general consensus is, she’s weird.

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Cats are never going to “go to you”. You need to earn her trust.

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To everyone. She’s actually become quite more social around me. She comes up to me (only me though), and allows me to pet her. The moment I lay down for bed, she immediately gets up there, and lays down demanding attentions.

I think Asmonet is right about her not getting attention as a kitten. She came from a breeder, and was mostly kept in a kenneled area.

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