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Where can I find tutoring jobs in Oklahoma?

Asked by Royal3ok (1points) April 29th, 2009

Tutoring English high school and middle school students. Help with writing Essays also. Tutoring assistance for ESL students too. Tutor In person or on-line.

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It would help if we knew where in Oklahoma you are located.

However, uses tutors and is located in Oklahoma City so you might contact them for a job or to post a listing.

You can list yourself on Craigslist, like this person has.

You can put up signs near various schools and see what response you get.

You can make up a professional flyer and go around to the various schools and leave some with the English Department.

You can contact Sylvan and see if they are hiring.

There is also Language Trainers

And this is a list of job openings.

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Will you be tutoring them in the art of writing in complete sentences?

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Parliament Tutors also just started operating in Oklahoma City if you are still looking!

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