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Brita vs. Pur?

Asked by lrk (757points) April 29th, 2009

So, there are two popular brands of water filter-ers that make both faucet attachments and water pitchers.

Are there any major differences in how these work (i.e., does one filter better)? Are filters usually cheaper for one or the other?

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We use a Brita pitcher and are ahppy with the results; never tried comparing it with a Pur.

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I’ve used various products from both companies, and I’ve always been happier with the PUR products. The Brita products often have design flaws that cause problems such as water leaking everywhere when you try to pour a glass or fill the pitcher.

I also feel like the PUR filters taste better, but I don’t claim to have any sort of empirical evidence of that. Only anecdotal.

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We use Pur and it tastes fantastic. It is just an add on to the tap. It works wonderfully and the filter lasts quite awhile. Also if you by the 3pack of filters the prices is very reasonable.

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I’ve used a PUR water filter for the last 5 years and I’d swear by it for high quality. The water tastes very good. I’ve also used Brita products in the past and have found them to be okay although I find it more of an irritation to have to filter the water into a Brita pitcher as opposed to simply getting water straight from the sink from my PUR filter.

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