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Would you forgo Myspace or Facebook if Google gave you some control over search results for your name?

Asked by phoenyx (7385points) April 29th, 2009

Google just started profiles. There is an article about it in Time.

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Why did you put that link. Please take it off.

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Google is really weird lately. It just changes our google page out of no where. I don’t like it.

@jonsblond..what’s wrong with the link??

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“profiles” link. Does everyone see something different than me? I see my name. I don’t want everyone on fluther to know my last name.

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@jonsblond It goes straight to my own profile as well. I think it’s because we are both logged onto google, on our own computers…I was taken aback as well!

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Phew! I about deleted my account!

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(sorry, I did use the wrong link. I meant to link to the general information page. @casheroo is right about being logged in to google.)

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Google is working on a lot of things that are questionable.
Personally I do not really trust them.

They are creating a massive database of both literature and images and are strongly backing the Orphan Works bills in an attempt to make intellectual the property of the public unless the artist or photographer pays to enter them into private, not yet created databases. This very concept will nullify the Berne Convention which protects the authors from infringement and unauthorized use of work without compensation.

So in answer to the question- no I will not forgo myspace or facebook or put any personal information into the hands of Google.

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No. Absolutely not. I agree with @Dog. Google is only offering this service so that you can give them more information. I don’t gain anything positive from that exchange really. Already my name results are dominated and controlled by me, so I’m fine with the way it is now.

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What’s the big deal?

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You’d be surprised what Google requires you to opt out of. For example, even without creating a Google profile, chances are Google is still able to pick up on your personal internet history (via their ubiquitous ads on nigh everyone’s web sites). And they keep that history stored just in case you ever want to see it – not that anyone really even knows it’s there.

Anyways, if you do have a Google profile (maybe you filled it in unknowingly when you signed up for Gmail, Picasa, Google Maps, whatever), you can edit exactly what’s publicly viewable at:

BTW, should you want to “pause” Google’s collection of your web history, you’ll need to 1) create a profile and 2) visit the web history control panel.

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@robmandu Thanks for the link!

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I don’t use myspace too much anymore and I like using Facebook to k.i.t w/ my friends. The Google profile thing is just something to index yourself

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