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Does anyone know the origin of mass culture?

Asked by cinderflubbin (56points) April 29th, 2009

My lit class happens to be reading Fahrenheit 451. We’re doing a lot of vocab with it,and one of the terms I have to present (yet cannot find the origin on) is mass culture. Any ideas?

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Fred Belitnikoff, a journeyman pipe welder, was washing some dishes in his tent one night, when he had a brilliant flash (not unlike the flash of paper burning). He realized that if he wanted to, he could invent mass culture.

He decided that he wanted to, and so he set about gathering all the culture medium he could find. Into this mess, he dumped samples of every known bacteria held in the CDC vaults. The result, as we all know now, was mass culture.

Of course, it also lead to the inadvertant development of H1N1, currently known as “swine flu.”

This is the God’s honest truth. I swear it!

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