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What is the length of time prognosis for systemic lung cancer?

Asked by michtexas (7points) April 29th, 2009

brother has systemic lung cancer, stage IV, in liver, nodes and even intramuscularly…

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I’m sorry to hear about your brother. These things are impossible to predict with any certainty, so I would try to get a better sense from him and his doctor. That said, 6 months to a year is optimistic.

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So sorry to hear of this for your brother.

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Oh boy. I am terribly sorry to hear that.

Here in Boston we have the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. They have lots of resources and information for families.

Perhaps there is a similar place near you or you could contact Dana Farber with questions.

As @shilolo said, specific info on your brother would come from his doctor.

Good thoughts coming your way.

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@cprevite Well, MD Anderson in Texas would be another great place to look.

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I’m very sorry to hear about your brother. I will have him in my thoughts.

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Along with everyone else, I am sorry and wish the best for you and your brother. I hope that he can beat the odds. Good luck.

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I’m so sorry to hear that. Best of luck to you all.

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There are way too many factors involved to give you a definitive answer. It seems to range from a few days or weeks to even a possibility of 5-year survival. The scientific literature gives stage IV lung cancer a median survival of 14 months, with depending on the study a 7% to 11% chance of remission for five years. (

One friend of mine who was diagnosed with systemic lung cancer, stage IV lasted less than a month. They didn’t even have time to start chemo. However, from the day he was diagnosed you could see him decide that this was the end and that there was no use fighting it.

Another friend who had the same diagnosis made it for about a year until he became too weak to work. He died six months after that. He went after every treatment he could find, chemo, radiation, surgery, the works.

Attitude can play a major role in survival in that the willingness to fight and undergo treatment can extend life. Chemotherapy is the standard treatment for stage IV lung cancer, with radiation used to reduce pain.

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Positive thoughts from here to you! Some always beat the odds, I’m hoping for you guys!

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FYI, a great website for those with family or themselves with cancer, a place to post updates on treatment etc. is I would highly recommend to anyone on this roller coaster….

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