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Best RAM memory clear in the App Store?

Asked by fortris (683points) April 29th, 2009

I have free memory, but the 20 MB limit sucks. Which is best?

-Free Memory
-MemoryInfo (by the same people as Free Memory, the bastards)
-iStat (its a dollar more, but sexy and feature rich. But it doesn’t show the battery)

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@warpling Search Free Memory in the App Store.

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The best method to clear memory is to hold both the home and lock buttons for ten seconds.

Free, works great, and isn’t a scam.

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@eambos if you’re being serious, you shouldn’t really be doing that if not needed as it does a hard reset of the device, pretty much the same as pulling the power cord out of your computer. A handy trick to know if your whole phone has frozen though.

@fortris I have iStat and it does free the memory, but it has completly locked my phone up a few times and havn’t used the feature for a while.

Why do you think you need to free the memory btw? The devices have good memory management and any apps from the app store have all their memory cleared when they close. My phone has been on for 14 days now according to iStat and it can probably stay on, but just turn the iphone/ipod off and on properly once in a while.

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@The_Englishman I don’t have a Mac, but could you still recommend iStat for iPhone only use? (hopefully a Widows patch is on the way)

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Well it tells you some fun stats about your phone, but its not all that helpful really as there isn’t too much you can do with them. It does tell you your IP address though, which is handy occasionally and you can ping and trace sites with it if you really feel need, but it is mainly if you need to see what your server is doing.

If all you really want is the free memory option, then you could try the others, but never even thought about freeing the iPhone memory until I saw the button in iStat, and so I have never tried any of the other apps and you don’t really need to free the memory manually.

iStat is a very nice quality app and judging by their updates to their iStat widgets it will hopefully get some nice updates in the future.

Hope that helps in someway.

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