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Do you currently, or have you ever had a job that required you to wear a uniform?

Asked by AstroChuck (37566points) April 30th, 2009 from iPhone

My first “real” job was at a movie theater where I was required to wear a white dress shirt, black slacks, and a black bowtie (not sure if that is really a uniform). Later, I worked at a McDonald’s where I had to wear my “monkey suit.” I hated that and was glad when they moved me to maintenance where I could wear my own clothing. For the last 24 years I’ve been wearing a US Postal uniform.
How about you? How do you feel about your uniform? Are you ever embarassed by it?

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I wish I had to wear a uniform! I would love no to have to worry about my work wardrobe. I’ve only had one job that required a uniform, working at Target with my khakis and red shirt. Good times.

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I’m in the Air Force, so yes. Never embarrassed.

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Yes, and I actually liked it because I never had to think about what to wear.

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Yes. It was cheaper than “real” clothes and I never had to worry about what to wear.

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I served 2 years in the German army (26 years ago).

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Pilot for a Major Airline. Not embarrassed.

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School (Khakis and JROTC), Taco Bell, waiting tables/banquet work, and UPS. I liked it during school and during my month with UPS. In general, I like them, although cop uniforms look like they’d be pretty uncomfortable, and a military uniform wouldn’t suit me at this point.

The only time I ever really felt embarrassed was a day at school when I had to play electric guitar in my JROTC uniform.

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US Coast Guard ‘98 – ‘00 – Always proud, never embarrassed

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I wear a forest green shirt and light tan khakis. That is the official colors of the security company I work for, and also the colors of the corporation we keep safe. I call it Big Green, and you can probably figure out who that is.

At first I hated it, as I am a blue jeans and T-shirt sort of guy. a funny side note, when we got our photo badges, we were supposed to wear business casual to the World Headquarters. I had to ask what business casual was, as I didn’t know.

I rather like the uniform, and at least one friend thinks I look damn sexy in forest green and khakis. Another nice thing is that they are clothing I don’t have to pay for.

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I’ve had to wear uniforms or certain attire at pretty much every place I’ve worked.
1. Movie theaters. Company uniform. Regal required work shirt with black pants. AMC requires work shirt with khakis.
2. Krispy Kreme- khakis and krisy kreme tshirts of various donuts and drinks. They were actually really cute.
3. Wawa, I wore a button down wawa shirt, because the tshirts were too large for me, they had to special order my shirts. And you had to wear black pants.
4. Waitress: All black, as skanky as you wanted.
5. Hostess: One place let me wear whatever I pleased, which probably wasn’t a good idea on their part. Another restaurant had me wear all black. Which I think is ridiculous, black on black looks ugly to me.
6. Nanny- I could go in my pajamas and it didn’t matter.
7. Receptionist at yoga studio- Whatever I want. They say not to look like you’re in pajamas, but they do not enforce this rule. You cannot wear shoes, so I go in in workout clothes, or jeans and a tshirt. I find this enviornment to be the most comfortable.
I’ve never been embarrassed of any of my uniforms. Just when they smell when I get done work.

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p.s. My bro-in-law dressed up as a postal carrier one year, and he had little stuffed animal puppies attached to his sleeves and legs as if they were biting him. It was a funny costume.

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The closest to a uniform that I’ve been obliged to wear has been dressing up. I also recently assisted at a place where they started asking me to button my shirt, which wasn’t how I liked to wear it, and was part of my feelings of not wanting to keep assisting them.

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I have to wear a uniform for my job. I work in a sports centre so my uniform is basically just a tracksuit. It’s not the most attractive of outfits but I am quite glad to wear a uniform to work because it means less effort in the mornings and not so much washing. I had to wear a uniform at school and I didn’t mind that either.

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McDonald’s circa 1984, when the uniforms were made of polyester that didn’t breathe… they were horrible!

For a while we got to wear scrubs at one hospital where I worked. It was like wearing pajamas all day. And it was nice not having to figure out what you’re going to wear each morning!

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Nurse-uniform, bright white. Never embarrased, except for the inevitable coffee-stains I seem to attract…

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I worked at Target where you have to wear a plain red shirt and khaki pants. Now I can never wear red and khaki together it makes me feel like I’m working at Target again.

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I’ve worked at Hooters, I’m sure you’re all familiar with that uniform. I worked at a country club, we had to wear white tux shirts, black tie, black pants, black shoes. Bartending at the strip club we wore red corsets, black pants or skirt. Bartending at any other bar I could wear whatever I wanted as long as it wasn’t frumpy looking.
I wasn’t embarrassed of my uniforms while I wore them at work, but if I had to stop for gas on my way I would get funny looks.

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@elijah I’m not sure I’m familiar with the Hooters outfit… maybe you could show me a picture? :D

I worked at a few fast food places back in the day, they required uniforms. Embarrassing but when you’re 16 money is money.

I wouldn’t be at all ashamed of any military uniform, nurse uniform, doctors uniform, stuff of that nature (prestigious jobs).

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I worked at McDonald’s for a time in the late 80s, when the transition from the horrible polyester getups to the poly-cotton pants, polos and baseball caps happened.

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I have to wear a white labcoat…not embarassing but mine always come small from when they get washed and it looks tight one me. The next size bigger looks huge on me so I’m kind of stuck in a lil white coat lol

@elijah: I love HOOTERS girls!

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Classic chef’s whites, WORST POSSIBLE clothes to wear while slinging chocolate all day. And don’t get me started about the stupid hat.

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@kevbo- I’ve pretty much worn that same costume except it wasn’t funny to me.

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I had a specific t-shirt I had to wear when I worked at the pizzeria in high school. It most definitely had a sexual innuendo on the back. Le sigh.

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well if you can call scrubs a uniform.

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Blue Bayou (Disneyland). We had to wear this old-fashioned get-up. Blouse with a full skirt. I actually quite liked it. Felt kind of like playing dress up. I can understand why other people complained though. It was during the summer and it can get pretty hot. But it was always cool at the Blue Bayou! (The restaurant was in a simulated night environment.)

Various restaurants. Waitressing at restaurants, you’d inevitably find yourself in black. Not my favourite, but nothing to really complain about.

Industrial arts school. Non-flammable clothing. (100% cotton. No synthetic material.) Long sleeves. Long pants. Leather, closed-toe shoes. Depending on which class I’m working in: safety glasses, welding mask, Kevlar sleeves, blacksmithing or welding gloves, leather jacket, and/or leather chaps. You can never be too safe.

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My first job was Little Caesar’s Pizza. I had to wear khakis and a Little Caesar’s shirt. I never thought to be embarassed about it—but when I had to wear a toga as part of the pizza place’s “float” in our small-town parade, that was embarassing.

I also worked in a deli at a grocery store where I had to wear black pants and a white shirt. I didn’t mind it so much, except that I had to replace the white shirts every few weeks. We had well water, and anything white turned orange after being washed several times.

Next I worked in a daycare (this was in college), where the teachers were expected to dress like teachers. It made it hard to run around with toddlers without worring about the dry-cleaning bill. I borrowed a lot of my mom’s clothes when I worked there, because I didn’t have any “professional” type clothes. I still think it was silly to have the teachers dress so nicely. My mom thought so too after finding fingerpaint on her nice white pants.

The worst job was after college, where we were supposed to wear “business dress.” Everyone hated it, because we never saw customers and most people didn’t make enough money to go out and buy suits. I think we spent more time in that office discussing the strict dress code than anything else.

After I left that job, I worked in a daycare center. That was great because I could wear comfortable clothes to play in all day. We were encouraged not to wear things we couldn’t get dirty because they wanted us playing with the kids and getting involved in their craft projects. Shorts and t-shirts in the summer, jeans and sweatshirt in the winter. It was great, and a lot of fun.

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Oh, I just found out that I’m working at my high school pizzeria job this summer when I’m home from school. Back to that t-shirt!

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@Harp I love it when my husband is in uniform, in his chef clothes. I do like the black chef jacket better, but most places prefer the white jacket. I can’t believe you’ve had to wear that hat.

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@Nimis- You used to work at the Blue Bayou? I love eating there for lunch near the back where you can watch all the people on the Pirates ride. It feels like it’s night.

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@AstroChuck Yes, I lucked out. It was a particularly hot summer that year too.
(My cassette tapes melted!) Best place to avoid the Orange County heat. =)

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@casheroo Whites are great for striking poses and looking dashing, lousy for pretty much everything else.

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Both Navy and Army. In all honesty I’m more proud of my Navy uniform.

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Carl’s Jr. 1983, this horrible nylon number with a goofy hat to go with it. Embarrassed doesn’t begin to describe it.

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“Welcome to McDonald’s, can I take your order?” I was the drive-thru girl. Yep. Lovely Mickey D’s uniform; however, I was lucky to start when they changed from the hideous brown polyester to the black pants (still awful, not sure what that material was) and a burgundy polo type shirt…again, horrible material. I still had to wear some dumb hat. I just don’t remember the type of hat.

oh how I hated coming home smelling like a gross, old, french fry

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Yes, I’ve worked at several jobs that required uniforms, but as a costumer and exhibitionist, I never minded.

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U.S. Army 29 yrs ago. Proud to have served.

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Wait. YARNLADY is an exhibitionist?

I have never had the experience of wearing a uniform… and it kind of bums me out. I was the only kid I knew who wanted to go to private school, just so I could wear those cute uniforms! I have worked in places that had fairly strict dress codes, and I must say, I prefer to work in a jeans environment over any other.

As a teen during the 80s, I was lucky enough to have worked as a receptionist to a dentist who let me wear JAMS to work! I loved that man. :D

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Army and Navy uniforms.
My old jobs uniforms (security) with everything frombulrtproof vests and boots to formal shirts.
Industrial uniform: Flame redundant

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I wore uniforms as a lunch lady (Sloppy Joe, slop sloppy joe) when my kids started school. I wasn’t embarrassed, because I worked at the school I graduated from. We wore the school colors.

I wear a Corrections uniform now. The only time I’ve felt uncomfortable with the uniform was when I rushed to get to the polls before they closed after working all day. All the Election Officers were thanking me for my service. I hadn’t experienced that before, and it caught me by surprise.

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I work for the phone company, and I remember getting my first uniform shirt, with my name and company insignia on it. I put it on, looked in the mirror, and said “Fill’er up?”

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I wear a uniform that says “US Air Force” over my heart. I cant say I’ve done anything particular to be proud of but I come from a family of marines and airmen and soldiers and sailors so I’m proud to wear the uniform that represents them. Sure I dont do much as a weather forecaster but I know that I make my grandparents proud because of what I decided to do with a short period of my life. Regardless of what our nation has come to I will never deny the lives lost obtaining it. Our history is so rich and inspiring that for people to not be proud to call themselves American is a shame. To not shed a tear when a crippled veteran forces himself to his feet to salute the flag as it passes is sad. so many gave so much for us to have the right to do what we do and I thank God everyday that He blessed me with this wonderfully disfunctional nation to live in.

so yes, I wear a uniform to work. I work 12 hours a day when I am on shift which is typically 5–6 days out of the week. surprisingly, my BDU’s are actually pretty comfortable too.

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@bright_eyes00 – My husband was a weather-guesser in the US Navy for 22 1/2 years. Don’t count yourself short. A lot of pilots will be grateful to you over the years, and you don’t know what else you may be called on to do. He was involved in monitoring volcanoes, tracking VC movements in Southeast Asia, and monitoring a huge number of hurricanes by making readings while the plane he was on flew into them.

And then there is the fact that the folks on Guam thought he was a miracle worker because the weather turned out perfectly for the golf tournament every year if they held it on the date he suggested.

So be proud to be a meteorologist. You can save a lot of lives with your skill, as well as make everyday life more convenient for a lot of people.

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@Darwin thanks. i appreciate that. its hard to see the big picture when you are stuck in Tucson Arizona forecasting for places like California. i asked to be deployed but with all the chaos of a new president and what not they arent sending my field over right now. i’ve just got to wait. i wish things were a little more fast-passed. thank you though, you may not realize it but that means a lot to me

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@bright_eyes00 – He didn’t get overseas duty for a while either (he joined to “see the world” and was sent to New Jersey and then California). But eventually he was stationed in many places, some more “interesting” than others.

Your time will come. Be patient.

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No nanny uniform, Casheroo?

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@Anonymoususer Why would a nanny wear a uniform?

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Some employers require it.

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