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Missing Questions?

Asked by rooeytoo (26936points) May 1st, 2009

I was looking for a specific question that was asked in the recent past. I couldn’t remember exactly when, so I was going back page by page. I discovered many questions that I had never seen before. Do all questions appear to all people or do I only see the questions that Fluther deems will be of interest to me?

I missed some great questions!

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You see all of them, however, you might not have seen them the first time around due to being bumped to edit, and once moderation of the question was over you may have missed it’s reappearance.

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So long as you are browsing “all” questions instead of browsing “your fluther” or “just for you”, you should see every question being asked.

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I never did find the question I was looking for, are entire questions and answers sometimes removed after the fact?

This one became pretty contentious after a while.

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Sometimes, the mods let questions that should have been removed stay because of the level of activity. It’s on a case by case basis, if something breaks the guidelines but is fairly benign and there’s already 30+ answers…what’s the point? But then again, sometimes it does get yanked. And other times, the mods are asleep. They’re all volunteers so occasionally things slip through because they’re off living their lives. :)

I should add if something is basically designed to be troll bait, it almost never matter how much activity there was, it’s gonna get yanked.

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Thank you, I will have to stay more alert in the future so I don’t miss the good ones!

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When I’m really active I tend to go back about a page further than what I think I may have missed and skim through, I’ve missed too many amazing threads by assuming I had checked the page fully. :D

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