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Have you ever had a Staph infection?

Asked by Triiiple (1356points) May 1st, 2009

I had one on my inner leg a few months ago…yesterday im taking a shower and notice the same things as last time. Though last time i waited way to long to have it checked out and it grew into this whole ordeal of getting it cut open, drained daily and being on pain killers.

This time i went to the Dr. the day after and they just put me back on the same antibiotics. Though im pretty shocked that i got the same thing in the same exact place a few months later.

Does this normally happen?

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seriously: you need to google mrsa. it’s systemic, and it’s a big, big deal. i have it, and being ignorant i accepted insufficient treatment. it’s abig enough deal that it can kill you. please educate yourself on this “superbug” and seek appropriate remedies. some people must actually get weeks of iv meds. the sooner it’s attacked the better the chance of eliminating it entirely. ayurvedic remedy turmeric and manuka honey help—definetly—but mrsa’s a major infection. not like ordinary staph (i had ordinary staph years ago, easily treated).

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I had one in almost exactly the same place. It was when I was younger, though. I honestly can’t remember what the treatment was, but I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one to get them on my thighs! I thought I was some anomaly.

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ps- it’s killing large numbers in europe, especially england. google it, get tested, and if you have it, be sure to find a doctir who knows about it. i ignored it till it started eating through my flesh into my bones, i have scars to this day.

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I have had this checked out, first time i waited a long time and had about a plum size thing on my leg that had to be drained for a week.

This time it was a small bump, same spot, about a nickle size. They cut it, drained it, put me back on Meds.

They have given me paper work about Mrsa but said i didnt have it but that they treat everything Staph like its Mrsa.

Back on Antibiotics i go.

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what do they say you have then?

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Just a staph infection i guess. Last time i was on 2 antibiotics and had to rub some ointment and wash with Hibuclense?

Now they got me just on Sulfameth/Trimethoprim only 1 bottle 2 pills a day.

She said make sure you clean it, take pills and put ointment and it should be gone in less then a week.

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I’ve never had one, but my grandmother almost died of one after she had surgery. She was very, very sick. I also know of a married couple, they both got it at the same time, one on her boob, the other on his leg.

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Staph infections can be reoccuring, I’ve had one in the past. If not treated, they do develop into something serious, they shouldn’t be taken lightly. I would just get a routine blood panel done just to be on the safe side and make sure it hasn’t become systemic. Although, you would have other signs besides the local infection, like a fever, etc. But, it doesn’t hurt to be overly cautious. MRSA is a big deal, but it can be treated if caught early. I’m not surprised they gave you the same antibiotic, it is completely possible that it will treat the infection. It’s good that you realized it and got help sooner than later, hope it doesn’t come back again!

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Yeah once i told my mom (last time i waited about a week and then told her) she freaked and flew down from NYC to FL and went with me every time, i really didnt know the severity. Now when i saw it i had to get it taken care of next day.

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Susceptibility to staph infections runs in my family. I’ve had one before, not MRSA, but it was still not fun.

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I had a bad one on my stomach… oh my gosh I’ll never forget the pain.

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