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What is the best way to destroy a fire ant mound?

Asked by creativejuices (490points) May 1st, 2009

I am specifically looking for a diagram of a fire ant colony and how far down the queen lives? Does anyone have any techniques that have given good results?

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Mix ants from two different piles together with a shovel. They will kill each other without pesticides.

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You can do it qwith boiling water.

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When I was about three or four, I got stung by a hornet in my backyard. The hornets had made a hive in a hole right in the middle of the yard. My father was exceptionally upset, so he took me upstairs, removed the stinger, put me in bed and went out to the garage where he grabbed a jug of gasoline. He poured most of it down the hole and then, after taking a few steps back for the purpose of posterity, threw a match into it.

It worked.

I’m not sure I would really recommend it though.

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@MrMeltedCrayon what a good father.

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told ya, kill it with fire lol.

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@casheroo: One day I jokingly complained about how he (my father) has never done anything for me. He replied with “Are you kidding? I created a smoldering crater in my beautiful backyard for you. If you don’t consider that love, you’re shit out of luck.”

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haha your dad sounds awesome! thanks for sharing that story.

I know that arsenic used to be used to kill fire ants, but I’m not sure if that’s done anymore. Arsenic is nasty stuff and the poisoning is bad too. @gooch‘s idea is pretty good; I’ve done that with carpenter ants infesting our patio and it worked!

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I was told that if you put cinamon on the ant hill it will kill them. Will it? I am not sure but I do know that I had a problem of them coming in the house at a certain spot and when I used the cinnamon, they did not come back.

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Macguyver used a flamethrower.

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Thanks for all of the answers guys!!
And all the great stories!!

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Cover the hill with diatamatiouse earth-from a garden center (not the stuff for pool filters), borax and powdered boric acid. None are toxic to pets or humans. They can burrow down between 15 and 20 feet depending on how big the colony is.

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