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Amazon online shoppers: How many Amazon reviews do you read before making a decision to buy a book?

Asked by mattbrowne (31600points) May 1st, 2009

On average (rough value). It might also depend on the length of the reviews.

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None. I usually only buy a book on Amazon that I’m already interested in reading.

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I’ll read several reviews anyway, but I usually already have a certain book in mind, if I’m going to order online. I also always check the wikipedia article.

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I don’t browse on Amazon. Amazon is for books I already know I want.

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I will read a few reviews, but when I go to Amazon, I already know what books I want. Now, household items, I read all reviews. I do browse for household items. I don’t buy tech from amazon.

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Depending on the book, I usually read most of them. I do a lot of “hmm, wonder if there is a book on X?” browsing on Amazon. If i don’t now a lot about the subject, I’ll often read all of the reviews.

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I’ve never bought a book from Amazon, but when I buy other stuff I usually read every review, watch every video review on YouTube, and search for reviews on other sites.

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I don’t browse on Amazon either. I only go there if I know I want the book.

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I agree with everyone else’s answers about not reading reviews. I buy from Amazon just books I know I want. The reviews mean nothing to me.

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I usually read the reviews before ordering, even if it’s a book I already know I want to read. Sometimes I’ll change my mind though, if a lot of the reviews say the book isn’t as good as something else the author has written.

If I’m browing around for other things besides books, I always read the reviews. I pay close attention to the negative reviews in particular. One thing I like about Amazon is that they don’t edit the harsh reviews. I can be honest and know it won’t be censored. Several months ago I got an invitation to the Amazon Vine program, where they send me a couple of books a month. They’re free, but I have to review them before they send new ones. A couple have been really terrible, and I don’t think anyone should waste their money so I’m honest with my opinions. What I think is really funny is when the author to a book comments on the negative reviews!

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I read some of the 5 star reviews and some of the 1 & 2 star reviews to get a feel for what people liked and did not like about a book (or any product). That gives me a spectrum to make a judgement. I’m usually curious about why people didn’t like something, which can often tell you more about the book or product than the “pro” reviews.

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Depends on the book. For fiction, I usually have my mind set on buying it so I don’t read the reviews. For nonfiction, I only care if it’s some sort of instructional book, such as language textbooks. Otherwise, like fiction, I have my mind set.

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I go to Amazon to find stuff I know exists, and usually will read a few reviews. You didn’t ask, but when I go looking for computer goodies or small appliances and such, I look for reviews and make it a point to read twice as many bad ones as I do good ones. You can find out a lot about something by reading the reviews by disgruntled shoppers.

That’s how I found my Power Juicer Pro by Jack La Lanne. Nothing else measured up.

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