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How do some Fluther members have such high scores?

Asked by astrojams1 (149points) May 1st, 2009

woah, that’s a huge score.

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Because they give great answers and have been here for a while.
There’s no other way to get a high score other than to be helpful.

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We’re awesome like that.

by awesome like that, i mean we have no life :P

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You have to participate, and give good answers to receive lurve.

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I only post after I have been drinking. So a unhealthy love of beer (or weed) might be key.

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And sometimes bad but funny answers are good too.

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They bribe the founders with hookers and cocaine.

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@bob_: Or, we break Fluther and ooh and aah over their commercials for Jared’s.

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But seriously, give good answers and stick around for a while. Just posting questions and never answering any will get you nowhere. Barely anybody clicks on “great question.”

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Ain’t that the truth.

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Become an addict!

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Bask in the glow of the Fluther, and you too will be lurved Grasshopper

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They turn tricks for Andrew.

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Shit – and I was only turning tricks for Ben. No wonder…:-)

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Well… I have very good hands.

I think that’s all I need to say.

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Lots of very dedicated practice!

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By being amazingly witty.

Hurray, Hurray
It’s the first of May.
Outdoor humping
Starts today!

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Practice, my dear, practice.

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It’s a lot of hard work to waste this much time.

but I’ll tell ya, I’m never catching up with @AstroChuck. Look at him gooooooooo

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What high score?

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because they’re so awesome.

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They suck up, they don’t piss anyone off, I guess they are active and it pays to be liked, if you are liked you will get lurve even for mundane questions or answers.

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I care about whether I am liked—a lot—but I don’t care enough to try not to say things I think people won’t like.

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