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What is a good destination for a short trip?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6756points) May 2nd, 2009

Me and my best friend are splitting up for college and we wanna have a nice week together. He has his drivers license but I do not. Trains and busses are good too. We live in Montreal, Quebec and that’s where we’ll start.

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How about the Laurentians? the Maritimes? Toronto?

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ewwwww Toronto LOL. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

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Lake George, New York

Quebec City

PEI (not sure of the driving time)

Niagara Falls, the Ontario side is a lot nicer than the New York side.

Cooperstown NY (even though the Expos left Montreal)

Chicoutimi, PQ??

and if you can do seven or eight hours, New York City or Boston

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Check with the Canadian tourist board. You will be suprised what may be in your own back yard.

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Ottawa’s a fun little party town. Maybe, make a stop there before you head out on your travels.

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Well, I’d recommend Boston out of sheer prejudice. My Eastern Canadian relatives liked to refer to the U.S. as “the Boston States.”

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I’ve only been to Toronto once. We went to medieval times. It was ok. We got lost on the way back.. our tires magnetizing themselves into those blasted trolley tracks… oh and of course Niagara Falls .. which .. sad to say.. is better on the Canadian side.

Hmm I also went to an atm and there was a drunk bum laying next to his own puddle of vomit.. perhaps not a tourist destination but… certainly left an impression.

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The Adirondack Mountains in upstate NY are beautiful and very close to Montreal. Simple map here As you can see it’s only 1/2 an inch away from Canada. :)

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Burlington, Vt. is great. It’s only a few hours.

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What’s great about Burlington? Please tell.

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My aunt and uncle live there and teach at the UVM, so I’m slightly prejudiced. They have a very nice, rather eclectic downtown area, with lots of coffee shops and restaurants. Because it is a college town, there’s a pretty healthy music scene. Everyone I’ve met there has been incredibly nice. In the spring and summer, the weather is usually mild. They have a healthy French-speaking community. And of course, Ben and Jerry’s makes life in Burlington dare I say it? even sweeter.

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Thanks for the suggestions guys. Me and my friend narrowed it down to NYC, San Francisco or near Ft. Lauderdale. There are advantages and disadvantages to each one because of relatives who can help us out or car rental complications. If there are any other bigger cities that are somewhat more touristy, please suggest them :)

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!!! I thought you wanted something close by, like within driving distance. If you’re traveling by air and have an open-ended budget, that opens up a whole other world of possibility. How about Amsterdam? Edinburgh? Barcelona?

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What I meant was somewhere nearby and something I can do in 4–5 days. I have air miles, so price isn’t that bad, but it should be in North America. We have less than a week, and flying across the pond will eat up some time. Plus, I can’t afford a delay because I’m sandwiched in between 2 summer classes and I’m leaving/arriving just hours before/after them.

We were thinking of Vancouver, but it’s a 4 hour train ride and plane tickets are very expensive this time of year.

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How is Vancouver a four hour train ride? From where, Whistler?

That flight is the same duration as the flight to San Francisco. I don’t think Florida in the summer is anywhere near as attractive an alternative as New York or San Francisco.

New York is a short flight from Montreal. When I lived in NY I had an office in Notre-Dame de Grasse and I would go back and forth in one day, Also you have to be crazy to rent a car in New York City and that should not be a consideration in your decision.

Have a good time wherever you go


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LOL somewhere nearby
San Francisco??

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@srmorgan I read it wrong, the website said days, not hours.

I think NY is the most probable at this point, but my buddy has relatives who can host us in Florida and San Francisco for free, which is very tempting.

@SeventhSense nearby meaning not overseas.

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