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I have some shelves that I can't figure out how to arrange, how would you put them?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) May 4th, 2009

I have a bunch of shelves my friend bought for me and I am not so good with this kind of stuff so I was hoping for some suggestions from someone who may have had similar shelves or is just good with this kind of stuff. My living room has two open walls where the shelves can go, they are the left and the right walls.
I have:
1 Large shelf that is shaped like two rectangles on top of each other,

2 cube shaped shelves

6 L shaped shelves

and 1 that look like an L with a longer bottom like: |________

I know this is an odd question but if anyone has some feedback, that be cool. Thanks!

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put the large shelf between the two cubes and surround that with 4 of the “L” shaped shelves.

on another wall, take the last 2 “L” shaped and place them, spaced out above the 1 longer bottom L.

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Anytime I’m trying to hang a collection of something, I try it out on the floor first, so take some time and rearrange them on the ground to a suitable pattern. Don’t feel obligated to use all the shelves, maybe you could use some in a different room also?

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Good point about putting them on the floor first and not using them all at once. Both of you have great answers. Thanks :)

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I suggest you get some graph paper, draw a scale version of your living room (1 square on the paper would equal 1 foot). Then draw scale images of the shelves, cut them out, and try to arrange them. You can do this both looking down on the room from above or looking directly at the walls (if this option make sure to mark in windows and things that you don’t want to cover with shelves.)

Once you have an attractive layout, put the real shelves in place, and use any leftover shelves in other rooms, or even (shudder) in the garage.

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