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Solving for variable;; algebra 2?

Asked by rachelmusil (40points) May 4th, 2009

How would I solve L=A+(N-1)D for N?

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Just like you would solve an equation with x, you want to get N by itself, so treat the other variables like numbers.

If I were solving P + Z = 2 for P, I would move Z to the other side and get P = 2 – Z

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Subtract A, divide by D, add 1, so the result is (L-A)/D+1=N. The general process is to get the side with the variable down to a product, divide out the terms by which the variable is multiplied, and repeat if necessary.

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@Jayne, dude, you just gave the solution and helped @rachelmusil to cheat. Just give hints next time. ;-)

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Hey, at least I gave a general process. But perhaps I should have been less explicit. I certainly wouldn’t have done a whole list of these.

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@Jayne Just don’t tell her that you transposed those two parts, and it’ll all be good. ;-) Identifying the general process was the main thing.

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