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Do you have internet friends?

Asked by theartfuldodger (323points) May 4th, 2009

I mean, people you turn to just like you do your irl friends. When you’re mad or upset or happy or anything… is there someone online that you would share every little thing with?

Are they same sex, or opposite?

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Yes, A lot of gay boys I like.

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I have Internet friend. And friends that I hvent seen in forever who have become Internet friends.

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I definitely do have internet friends, although only really on fluther. The are a certain few people who I tell almost everything to, no holds barred on the secrets. They are of both sexes, as that doesn’t really factor into the relationship. I don’t go to traditional social networking sites for this kind of relationship because I don’t want it to become a sexual type thing. Sometimes, I just need an objective outsider to help me. The internet also removes the pressure of judgment from real life.

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I have a lot internet friends. Some I talk to every day. To be honest, most of them are men. I have one very close woman friend, but in general, I can trust men way better than I can women. They know how to be supportive & keep their mouths shut. Men keep secrets & don’t gossip. I, too, have one that I tell everything to, as he does me. If we don’t talk on the IM, we talk on the phone, as we did today.

Most of them are from Askville, but I’ve met one on here who’s very special to me. I get up in the mornings & there’s an email from him every day.

I feel just as close to my internet friends as I do my IRL friends. Some closer, in fact.

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my internet friends are the only friends i have…

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Quite a few… that was’s strength.

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I have had people who started as internet friends and became real life friends, people who were real life friends and later became internet friends when I moved out of state, and people who (so far) are only internet friends or real life friends. There are people that I would share with regardless of where I initially met them.

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@cprevite I’ll be your friend. Tell me your deepest, darkest secrets. ’-)

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Many. :) Good people exist everywhere. Some, I’ve been in contact with for over almost 7 years.

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Yes, several. There is a group of women I met on an AOL group in 1997 and we have been thick as thieves ever since. We moved to an email group after a couple of years (we got kicked off of the AOL group lol) and have met in person several times including weddings and camping trips. Some of the husbands have become honorary members of the group.

There is another group of women I have been friends with from a cooking website for a few years. We moved our personal chat to a message board a couple of years ago and typically talk daily. Some have met in person and I will be meeting the one of them this summer.

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@cprevite: Not true, you’ve got me and my truckload of zing! :)

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Do you mean an internet only confidant? No.

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Nope. This is the first site that I’ve ever been on that would even lend itself to something like that happening, come to think of it!

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Yes, both sexes. Though once I connect with someone in a specific media or circumstance, I don’t need to keep it only on the net.

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@Zaku I agree. That’s why I talk to some on the phone. They become more to me than just a name on the screen.

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Honestly, I used to. I worked night shift at a hotel for a few years and I talked to a guy every single night. I got to know him quite well and actually had strong feelings for him at one point. However, I got a new job and since we live on different coasts (he in CA and I in MD) it became more difficult to remain in contact. Once in a while we’ll say “hi” but even that becomes less and less frequent now that I have a family.

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Yes i have found an awesome person of the opposite sex. Its weird its like were best friends but never met. He tells me all his drama thats going on that he doesnt tell anyone else and I do the same. Its nice to have someone outside your little world that can give you insight on something that maybe you wouldnt listen to others because you figure oh there just saying that, but to hear it from someone thats never met you makes you think more clearly.

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Nope. But I’m okay with that.

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What’s a friend? I think internet friends can’t be compared to rl friends. They are two different kinds of things. As long as people understand that, then I can say I do have internet friends.

I find that internet friends arrive quickly, and then cool off a bit. Sometimes it’s hard to think of them as frieds any more. I haven’t had a friendship that lasted consistently over the years, except for maybe one or two people, lately.

People seem to last much longer if you meet them in person. Then again, maybe I’m a little too intense for most people. Or ornery or prickly or something.

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@asmonet and @jbfletcherfan: OK, then “yes” sniff

No seriously, as @daloon points out, I think the definition of friend is different for the Internet and in real life.

I definitely feel as though certain people here are “friends” – but are we really? I would like to think so, but I’m really not sure how to properly define it.

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@theartfuldodger No… will you be my first? Also congratulations on having a net handle that is also a slang term for Jewish people.

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all the wonderful peoples on fluther…you guys make my long shifts at work bearable. Thank you for helping maintain my sanity! :)

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Yep, and I’ve met quite a few of the ladies and their children.

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No. Internet people are weird.

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Yes. Most of them are Flutherites. And they know who they are <3.

Edit: Oh, XX and XY both.

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I used to have quite a few (all female) when I was a tween/teenager. We talked on AIM and the like daily. Lost touch with all of them (that’s how I became such a fast typer though! Screw Mavis Beacon).

When I was super into LiveJournal during high school I developed a few friends (all female) there. Have also lost touch.

And now? It would have to be a select few Flutherites of both sexes. Hi guys!

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@aviona Mavis Beacon lurve. I’m glad I’m not the only person that remembers her(it?).

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Too many. Many of what Myndecho described, and many of what PnL described.

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I’ve met in person enough of the friends I’ve made online, that I don’t differentiate anymore. Some might be closer than others, but I still call ‘em friend, even if we haven’t met yet, because past experience has showed me that meeting and hanging out in person just confirms what I already knew.

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Yes, yes, I do. Both males and females. And I love them all bunches. (They know who they are too.) =]

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one of my best friends in the world is an ‘internet friend’. i’ve been talking to her for years. we both talk to eachothers friends also. hopefully if i ever get enough money together for a plane ticket, i’ll go visit her. or maybe she’ll come here, but she’s starting college soon, so i don’t know if she’s going to get a chance for awhile. i trust her a great deal.

i have another that i’ve known even longer, but haven’t talked to much lately. i adore her, and there’s definitely a lot of trust there.

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@cprevite: I’d buy you a beer. :)

And I’d bake you a platter of my famous chocolate chip cookies.

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@asmonet: you never mentioned that you baked cookies

friendship now official

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Haha. Do I have internet friends?! Of course I do! I love them. They’re all Flutherites. And I’m going to meet them IRL one day. None of my already IRL friends understand. But that’s ok :P (they’re boys and girls)

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@cprevite: I bake cookies that God himself could not compete with.

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Anyone on my Xbox 360 Friends List! [MEOW]

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@asmonet: I’ll bring the milk.

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I think “friend” is subjective. Some people only have internet friends… like my recluse mother. Some people only have imaginary friends.

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Not until recently… but there are a few jellies that i’v ecome to see as great friends. Some i can tell everylittle thing…
This place has helped me meet some of my favorite people hands down… IRL or online… both sexes.

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My internet friends are the only people I actually like.
It’s sad but true.

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