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What's the best way to find used photography equipment?

Asked by nikipedia (27521points) May 4th, 2009

I know there are a bunch of photographers on here so I was hoping you guys could steer me in the right direction. Yesterday, I bought a used Canon 20D body and am now in the market for a 18–55mm lens, but they’re few and far between on Craig’s List and overpriced on eBay. Are there websites that cater specifically to used photography equipment? If so, are some more trustworthy than others?


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Your best bet is to go with a reputable business like B&H or Adorama because you’re guaranteed to get quality equipment from them. When you buy on ebay or Craigs List, you could be buying from someone who didn’t know how to take care of their stuff and don’t really know what they’re doing. Best of luck! (I’m buying a used Mamiya 7, and I’m going through the same stuff!)

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