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Hi, new in the mac world, i'm looking for good mac (10.5.6) applications, if anybody has any tips..?? I know this a bit of a vague question but any programme topic is good checking out..!! thanks!

Asked by kieran_france (18points) May 5th, 2009
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Any mac application that works for 10.x will work for 10.5.6. One thing you should get used to is that Apple updates their OS every month or more frequently, and the updates are completely free. So the version you have is inconsequential to the app you want to download.

There are many resources for downloading apps.

The first, and most efficient, is google. Google the name of the PC application along with the word “mac”. This will help you find the Mac equivalent of any PC application. For example:

“Nero burning rom mac”

Next, you can visit software repositories.

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For my personal recommendations, Adium for chat, CoverSutra for album art and keyboard shortcuts to control iTunes, Typinator for keyboard macros/text expanding, Butler for application launching and a lot more, VLC and Perian for playing videos of any type, Skitch for taking screenshots and uploading them, etc etc.

Lots more depending on what you want to do with the computer. The sites above are also a good starting point for a few best-of lists.

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thanks for the sites, i’ll check them all out!! by any chance do you know the existence of any software capable of grouping facebook, twitter and fluther in a one page interface?? thanks again for tips..:-)

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What do you mean one page interface? Give an example.

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Eventbox can do Twitter and Facebook, but not Fluther. I don’t think Fluther has an API so your stuck with the web interface for it. Though you could subscribe to Fluther RSS feeds to at least be updated of new questions in Eventbox, then answer them on the site.

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