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I am in need of a FLAC converter so I can import some songs into my iTunes library....any suggestions?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7436points) July 10th, 2009

I downloaded a discography, and they are all in this .FLAC format, and itunes doesn’t support it =(

I found a piece of software that worked well at first, but only gives errors whenever I try and use it now.

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You could see if Ashampoo audio center is compatible with your system , it works a treat for me i use windows tho they may have a mac version .

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Try Max or Switch. I don’t know if they would support flac, but they may be alright.

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I use dBpoweramp, but I’m a PC. I don’t know of any FLAC converters for the Mac.

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Also, definitely worth checking out… VLC does indeed play FLAC, and it’s a great, free player for OS X.

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Switch and Max both support FLAC conversions, Switch is a tad easier to use for new users but Max is a lot faster, jsut make sure whichever you use set to kbps to 320. otherwise youre wasting the lossless flac file.

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I tried “switch” and it’s working quite well so far. Thanks!

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The best one out there is xAct. Powerful, fast, free.

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