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Do you agree with biometric ID cards in the UK?

Asked by Tobotron (1313points) May 6th, 2009

I know a lot of countries have them, I myself are against them but what is everyone else’s standpoint here? Are we becoming a Big Brother, Orwellian West?

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I don’t think this is a western issue, but global. I am not sure who they benefit. It’s not like you can’t forge them.

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I think it’s an evil Orwellian outrage, yes. I guess someone in the UK is terrified of people – they already have security cameras everywhere.

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What do they do?

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Personally, I don’t agree with the introduction of ID cards as I feel it’s a vast waste of money – the scheme is meant to cost about £5 billion. It seems to me as though the government want to introduce them as a means of saving face over previous messes that have been made with regards to national security and immigration.

Those who favour the introduction of ID cards seem to believe that they will reduce fraud, terrorism and organised crime. Speculatively speaking, I think if an individual or group are able to pull off any of the above, a forgeable piece of plastic isn’t going to stop them in the future.

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Isn’t the american Real ID the same?

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Jacqui Smith in the UK quotes that she would like to make it as normal and easy to get your fingerprints taken as it is to get your photo taken in a photo booth in your local supermarket…is this not total madness!?

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Yes, it’s police state bullshit. If these are democratic nations, why aren’t the people being consulted whether they want to be monitored and tracked and fingerprinted and basically treated like threats, criminals and property?

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