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Is it all right to feed my kitten Adult low-residue cat food?

Asked by andrew (16461points) December 16th, 2007

We have two cats, and the kitten wants to eat the adult food and our fatty older cat wants to eat the kitten food. Can we feed them the same food? It’s such a pain to try and keep them separate during their feedings.

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sure we fed our cat purina cat chow from kitten until his death. He was always healthy and lived to be 14 years old.

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Technically, kittens need the higher calorie, calcium and protein levels present in kitten food. That said, as long as it is a high quality food, adult food should not cause a problem .

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I guess I’ll keep doing what I’m doing then… feed the kitten separately a few times a day as much as he can eat, then allow him to graze on the adult food that’s out.

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We have a five month old kitten and had the same problem. We also had an overweight, 9-year-old cat that loved the rich, high-calorie kitten food. We just put out two different bowls of food: one with kitten food and one with geriatric, low-calorie food. The older cat usually starts out with the kitten food, but moves to his food after a few bites. The kitten always gravitates towards his food.

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free feeding (letting the kitten eat as much as he or she wants) is generally a good idea for pets that aren’t yet fully grown. do as you’re doing: make sure the kitten gets his fill of kitten food, and make sure the adult cat eats mostly low calorie food, and then let both graze a bit.

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I feed both my senior cat, and the kitten, the lower-calorie higher-nutrician dry senior food, (they eat as much as they want), then balance it out with a small amount of canned regular cat food twice a day.

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