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Who was Jesus? What are the different opinions of him that others have?

Asked by lukiarobecheck (1526points) May 6th, 2009

I am not here to preach to anyone. I have many questions myself. I am searching for what other think about who Jesus was. I just wanted to see what everyone thought about who the man was. The son of God, or just a wise man? Again I am just looking for some what others think, not here to push an agenda.


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I was brought up in a Catholic School a very violent School.
I ran a mile as soon as i got a choice.There is a saying that goes somthing like this “i will put the fear of God in you”,well, the fear of God was very literal and very violent.However,at a very early age i did not buy into this whole“god“thing and to cut a long story short i think that Jesus was a great Trade Unionist.

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My first thought was that there is plenty written down about him. It tells the story of his life. You can find out that way. But I see you are asking if Jesus is a man or God.

I think of him as a pretty good politician and organizer. He represented an underdog, and he employed unorthodox methods in his political campaigns. He had such a remarkable story (or people turned it into a remarkable story), that his story inspired millions, maybe billions of people over time. It inspired the development of the longest-lasting organization on the planet.

I’d say he was perhaps the most successful person in history, although he did not live to see his success. His martyrdom has been used more effectively than any other martyrdom in history. There is much in what he was purported to say that is valuable, and some that is not so much so. In any case, the historical accounts are unreliable. Most are.

I don’t know if he was a wise man. I’m pretty sure that a lot that is claimed on his behalf wasn’t really done by him. I’m certain that he is no more the son of God than anyone else is. I think he was a pretty good guy (I’m always on the side of the underdog), but I’m not the people who deified him were so good.

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If he existed at all, he was just a man, like many wise men throughout history of which stories are told.

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Probably some small germ of truth in the midst of a huge myth.

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@daloon, I was hoping that you would answer. Your answer are always well thought out, and very informative. The answer you gave was exactly the kind of thought I was hoping for.


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I have thought about this a great deal myself and I have a theory. I have not run this by any sort of preacher or theologian yet. Still trying to fit it all together.

I wonder if He is just an idea. Kinda like a parable. Again, this is just a thought. I was raised Baptist and was taught to believe that he was real and did these things.

I do believe in Him and in God, it’s just something that I think about.

Good luck in your search for the truth.

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I do not believe Jesus existed as an actual human being. If he did, he may have been a popular and charismatic figure cut down in his prime and had an amalgamation of various myths about divine and semi-divine beings that were common at that time attached to him.

The divine birth from a virgin has many other Middle Eastern/Mediterranean antecedents, and the myths of the Egyptian god Osiris and Greek god Dionysus also bears strong resemblance to the story of Jesus.


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There are many people that say Christianity is a deviant based on sun worship religions that came before, where the bible is a metaphor for what happens astronomically…for example some dude Jesus, Moses don’t remember told people to stop worshiping a gold bull on a certain date, namely because the sun was no longer in the sign of the constellation of the bull…we can’t say but in this expression God and Jesus are the same thing and they are always the ‘sun’...gotta say read up about this idea and seen a program about it and it makes a lot of sense for those who don’t take the bible with literally.

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Jesus was the hispanic guy that used to mow my lawn. He mowed a lot of other lawns in the neighborhood and we all agreed that he was a very pleasant young man. He did a miraculous job with our grass.

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Jesus is the Son of God, and my Savior.

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He was probably a really cool guy that people decided to write stories about.

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Jesus is the goalie on our soccer team. Probably the best. You may have heard the phrase, “Jesus saves?” Well, he does…he saves, and saves again. Every game. Thank God for Jesus.

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Jesus is the son of God and the creator. His life enriched mankind more than any one’s.

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I agree with Peter when Jesus asked “Who do You Say that I am?” Peter said, “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.”

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Rodriguez. He’s actually an artist and a musician as well as a great goalie. (Single, too. And gay, for all the interested dudes.)

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