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How do you feel when you find a report is a hoax?

Asked by YARNLADY (43415points) May 7th, 2009

You believed it, and you made comments based on the fake information. Did you change your mind when you discovered it was deliberately misleading?

RE: fluther question and this report of a TV interview

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I’m naturally skeptical anyway and I always check Snopes.

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Im not denying that this is, but what makes this a hoax?
The video is on, which seems to be a legitimate local news source in Raleigh.

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@chris6137 Here’s an article from the same webpage, on the home page.

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@chris6137 As the interview with Alex Jones points out the boy was arrested on legitimate charges and is being represented by council, has visitation rights, and has made several court appearances. His mother blew it all out of proportion; the Patriot Act was never involved, and she deliberately mislead the media. She continues to claim that she was not notified of the court appearances, but the notifications are a matter of public record.

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@Stanley Great idea. is the place to go if a report sounds fishy. I receive so many FWD from people that are totally false, and I can usually find them on

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Gotcha. Thanks for the links.

I dont really feel better after finding that this was a hoax, because it doesnt change the fact that the Patriot Act can be used unconstitutionally.

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I read the post but not the details, it smelled fishy enough not to bother further. So much of what people do online is fishy so I guess we take our chances in interacting with good intent but finding out you’ve wasted that good intent or effort to share real facts and information, it would feel crappy.

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Don’t journalists even bother with fact checking anymore? All it would have taken was a few phone calls to discover that this woman was not being completely honest.

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