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How can i manually uninstall adobe air?

Asked by kieran_france (18points) May 7th, 2009

I’ve messed up my adobe air installation by deleting some folders with app cleaner whilst deleting tweetdeck…!! now every time i try to reinstall adobe air it tells me that the programme is already installed and stops the installation process. i must solve this because i have little error windows showing up ever few minutes telling me adobe air is not working properly(crowds the screen up very fast)....... help..!!!

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Go to your applications folder in the hard drive find adobe or adobe air and uninstall or drag it into the garbage. Empty your garbage and reset the computer. You should be fine from there.

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thanks for the fast answer, but the whole problem is that there is no folder anymore (frameworks, adobe air). but although they are gone the installation programme still thinks it’s installed on my mac. I’m wondering if there isn’t a plugin or something messing things up a bit..??

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Did you try running the AIR uninstaller and then reinstalling?

/Applications/Utilities/Adobe AIR

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Thanks for the answer but I sorted it out by downloading the latest Adobe AIR installation pack for mac, opened the installation pack and went to the mac x directory (inside the installation pack), i then opened the terminal typed suno, and droped the installation in the terminal window i then added -uninstall and voila, i could then reinstall normally…!!!

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the main problem was that i had somehow deleted the unintall pack (/Applications/Utilities/Adobe AIR

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