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Why did Elizabeth Edwards write the book?

Asked by ram201pa (606points) May 8th, 2009
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Cheated or not, the woman’s got to eat.

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Publicity and money.

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She stood by her cheating husband and supported him during his campaign. She could have done much more than write a book.

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I heard in an interview yesterday that she had contracted to write the book before the infidelity blow-up, but it fit right in with the theme of the book, so she included it. This incident is not the subject of the book, per se.

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Because she is a sell out?

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I think most people write books to get an understanding of their life and to reach some type of closure in what they have been through. It is extremely therapeutic to put your thoughts on paper and maybe you can also help someone else who is going through similar situations.

Mrs. Edwards lost a teenage son and had to deal with the humiliation of her husband’s cheating. This in itself would be news worthy to some but she also is a cancer survivor.

Maybe a book can shed some light on the type of person she is and how she endures.

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@spresto, a sell out to whom?

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The attention?

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She knows she is dying. (aren’t we all ;)

She has small children that she home schools. My guess would be that writing the book was a comfort to her. She’s able to express exactly what she feels and thinks about various turmoils in her life all while being able to leave the words behind for her children to learn from her experiences.

She is a brilliant, educated woman that knows her children will have access to everyone elses words, thoughts & mis-conceptions about their dad, mom & family life via the Internet. Her book may help combat some of this for them.

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Good article about EE, her new book, and the Oprah interview, on

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@SpatzieLover Good answer. I think you are absolutely right. If she is open about it and tells all of America, then when she dies, no one can make up lies and falsehoods about what she supposedly said. It’s out there for all to hear and see and her children know the facts and knows everyone else knows them.

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@chyna I think it’s why she had Oprah to her family home, too. She was calculating who would do the best interview and how the interview would come across years later to the children. As I see it, this woman is first and foremost a mom. And, after seeing the interview, I think she’s a damn good one, too!

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