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I'm looking for good bakeries near Haight Asbury...

Asked by b (1873points) December 18th, 2007

Got any ideas?

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The BEST is Arizmendi, right where the N train turns (I think it is on 9th and Judah). It’s a bit farther from the Haight, but probably less than a mile away, and very worth the walk. Try the cheese rolls, olive focaccia, and cherry chocolate bread. They also make a damn good thin crust pizza which you can buy by the slice. -

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Also, Cafe Du Soleil in the Lower Haight has delicious french pastries. They are on Fillmore between Haight and Waller. Unfortunately, I can’t think of anywhere in the Haight to buy great fresh bread. Someone should open a good bakery there!

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Thanks, the weather is pretty nice so i will try some walking! I do agree on Cafe Du Soleil, I ate there once and loved their pastries.

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