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Does Word have a tab feature?

Asked by Allie (17436points) May 9th, 2009

I need to have about five or six documents open at once. Having that many windows open is kind of a pain in the poop chute. Does Microsoft Word have a tab feature that I don’t know about? (If not, it could really use one.)

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Not that I’m aware of, sorry Allie. But I completely agree with you.

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In the top menu bar there is a drop down for “Menu”. If you click that it will show you a list of all the documents you have open and you can switch between them or compare side-to-side. Unfortunately this is the closest thing to tabs they have available. I’m assuming by tabs you mean similar to worksheets in excel? Also if you right click on the task bar you will be given the option to tile them horizontally or vertically (but that might make them difficult to see).

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I usually deal with this by having several instances of Word open. All the alternatives seem worse to me.

When I have to refer to several docs at once and there’s any I need to look at but don’t actually have to copy into or out of (such as a reference doc or review comments), sometimes I use two computers side by side, a laptop alongside a desktop.

If you can eliminate one or two of the files you have to have open, such as by consolidating comments or combining reference data, that will make it much easier. If you want them on tap even though not actively open every second, you can always get to them from the File dropdown list of recent files. I have that set to the max of nine and wish it would allow me twenty.

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Unfortunately, there’s no feature like tabs in word like that in excel.
You could work around this problem as @goose756 has suggested. In word 2007, there’s a feature called “switch windows” in view ribbon. (You may use shortcut keys: Alt+w->w->number (1,2,3,...) of open documents)

You can try “Alt + Tab” to switch between open windows. (Windows key + M to minimize all open windows/documents)
This would be more convenient.

I do agree with @Jeruba .

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If you’re running Win XP and would like a slightly improved Alt+Tab task switcher, then consider downloading the Alt-Tab Replacement PowerToy from Microsoft.

Instead of just showing you the application’s icon, it actually shows the content of the window itself, slightly smaller.

It’s nowhere near as cool as Exposé in Mac OS X (or whatever the ripoff is called in Vista), but it’s better than the barebones XP functionality.

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Yeah, I’m on a MBP and I’ve been using Expose as a shortcut to switch between the documents. Still, it’d be pretty convenient if there were tabs already built in to the program.

Thanks for your help everyone! Lurve all around.

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