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Do you believe in past lives- reincarnation, soulmates, kindred spirits?

Asked by BookReader (417points) May 9th, 2009

I need a gift suggestion for a long lost female love from the ancient celtic druid period- a gift that says “remember me lover”...

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yeah, why?

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Does she know you used to be lovers?
That’s a big thing to spring on someone.

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I once did, but that was in a previous life.

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The full amount of people who has ever existed is estimated to be around 106 billion people. The current population is 6.5. With that estimate we can conclude that around every 16th person who has ever lived in human history, is alive today.
This is not verifiable fact of course, but a likely estimate. Some call it guesstimate.source

The point being, that since the population in 1650 was around 500 million, we hit 1 billion in the first part of the 1800’s, 3 in first part of the 1900’s. Reincarnation hypothesis must then include a constant flow of freshly made souls, and a sudden explosion of soul manufacturing during the last 200 years. Of these 6.7 billion people a tiny fraction is the ancient first ones, and then you climb the reincarnation ladder excluding the freshly made, and they are then supposed to have made a Dalai Lama, remember their ancient lives and find their ancient loved ones. This fraction of people that lived together in ancient times are then supposed to reincarnate at the same time, in the same area of the world, at approximately the same age. Hence the question includes believing in something that plans this, a Great Organizer of our lives, and is deeply religious.

No, I don’t believe in reincarnation.

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…perhaps, a music box that plays “greensleeves”?

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See the mini Stonehenge from “This is Spinal Tap.” “Greenfleeves” was written in the sixteenth century – - not exactly Druidic times. Here’s an idea.

Ladyfingers would work equally well.

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Not particularly, but I find the concept interesting and I love reading about it.

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@Bookreader: Your long-lost love is from the ancient Celtic Druidic period?

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@gailcalled: sometimes, it is best not to explain what is not understood- thank you for your interest!

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I would say the opposite; if it is not understood, it needs explaining.

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@gailcalled: what is the purpose of your question?

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Your text, as written, is confusing, due to participle placement:

A. I need a gift suggestion for a long lost female love from the ancient celtic druid period-

B. I need a gift suggestion from the ancient celtic druid period for a long lost female love;

They have different meanings.

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I do believe in all of those things. I also wonder if you have spoken to this lady about the fact that you think you’re past lovers. Like @The_Compassionate_Heretic said, that’s a huge thing to spring on someone. If the answer is yes, I might go with a book about reincarnation/kindred spirits or some piece of jewelry that symbolizes either the time period in which you believe you were together or the subject of reincarnation/kindred spirits.

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What makes you think that you are not also part of the “Great Organizer” and shared in the choice of rebirth? Hindu belief has much to say on this topic.
Maybe we simply forget while we are in this finite form. I mean if we can forget a past life this may be part of our collective ignorance as well.

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@gailcalled: ...your gift suggestion would be?

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Past lives- no
Reincarnation- no
Soulmates and Kindred spirits seem the same to me- maybe yes to those

A gift for someone who strikes you this way, how about a book of myths/fairytales from around the world but written and illustrated for adult readers (not meaning x-rated type of adult reading). unless you suspect they’d like that

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@essieness: past lovers, i’m referring to two who played in love’s light as opposed to two who were physically intimate…

…either way, we are in agreement- it is a delicate matter… on the plus side, she is intuitively inclined and possesses an open mind…

this has been an expression of metaphysical philosophy and a road less travelled…

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@SeventhSense Sorry for not getting back to you, I had a dance with Night and Slumber on the Elysian Meadows, next to the Fields. A.k.a. sleeping with my mouth open and having the Daily Show in the headphones.

Not entirely sure I got what you said.
shared in the choice of rebirth?
I mean if we can forget a past life this may be part of our collective ignorance as well.

I know very little about hinduism. I know some, and the metaphors are intriguing and some of what I’ve read make a lot of sense in a philosophical way. I would like to learn more.

As far as I know – hinduist reincarnation is not about human rebirth or finding lost love. You are reborn into life in general, right? As a cricket, a sparrow, a cow, maybe even a bacterium, rewarded or punished each life time by a different birth on the ladder of life, on the road to nirvana? If it were so, it would be even more unlikely to meet in a new rebirth. Or maybe the souls travel in packs. Well, I guess if a phenomena like reincarnation exist, anything concerning that is possible, cause – as I see it – logic is out the window.

It’s a maybe. I am not that interested in maybe’s. I don’t even buy lottery tickets. It could be so. But I can’t believe in it personally.

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i’ve researched it empirically and it’s a working hypothesis so far. I don’t think the hindu construct is very accurate, the process actually plays out with more common sense. I’ve spent way too much time matching people up to past life relationships. I do think that love is the most unduring thing over lives, but things can play out very differently from life to life. Some of my attitudes and emotions are very different than they were in past lives. I agree with mammal though, it’s an awfully big thing to spring on somebody. Lots of people aren’t ready for that type of revelation. It will make more sense to discuss once the relationship has deepened.

As for a gift… I don’t know much about the Celtic Druids. Why not try a forget-me-not? I think you’d make your point with anything that featured a Celtic knotted border which symbolizes the eternal circle of life.

Good luck!

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Oh my, that is so romantic! Possibly a music box with a song your lover knew from then? Oh,and a question, how did you remember your past life? Because right now, I am struggling with trying to remember, either that or my mind is just playing tricks with me. Thanks!

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