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How early is too early to ask a guy to a prom?

Asked by Breanna93 (43points) May 9th, 2009

of course, i don’t plan on asking any time soon (it isn’t until next year). i’m just wondering.

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two months to a month before would be ideal

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You will probably change your mind several times before then as to whom you want to go with.

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i don’t care what month it is, @Breanna93, the answer is YES! I will go with you to the prom! thanks for asking!

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Not right now; within the same school year is probably a good call. @chyna is right too; if you ask more than about a month or a month and a half beforehand, there is the chance that things could go awry (although that’s possible with just about any amount of time too), but the more time there is for things to happen, the higher the chances. It is high school, emotions are constantly going haywire and things can change quickly.

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Three months in advance sounds reasonable to me.

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I’d say two-three months before prom

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Maybe 2–3 months before hand. You want to get him before someone else does. That or ask when the opportunity presents itself. Like say you guys are talking about prom, you can be like ‘do you know who you’re going with yet?’ and if he says no then you can just say ‘hey, we should go together’ =P

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you don’t want to let the person know you’re planning a year ahead. By that time he might have someone or you might have someone. Plans always change..

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Despite the above answers I’d personally say 2–4 weeks before the prom. After all, he may ask you!

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I would say six weeks to a month. But ask before you buy the dress. :)

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