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Media Player for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)?

Asked by skorned (97points) May 11th, 2009

Hey. I’m addicted to using Mediamonkey on Windows for my small 1400 song music library. Any comparable music players on Tiger? I don’t like iTunes coz it can’t even maintain a proper library for me or watch a folder for changes. Anything else worthwhile that works on Tiger?

I tried Songbird, and LOVED the features, but its just too buggy to use. Besides that, there are a lot of apps which are leopard only now like aTunes. It’s seriously pathetic that there is no other choice I can find besides a featureless but stable app, and an app chock full of features but completely unstable.

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I think Songbird is your best bet right now, IMO. It is a bit buggy, but it has watch folders and the like.

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I’ve heard good things about amarok, but it looks like it is still a little buggy on OS X.

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Songbird is AWFULLY buggy on my system…i dunno how you can honestly say its a ‘bit’ buggy on your system, you must be very very lucky. I fell in love with Songbird’s features, but I have not yet had a single session with it without crashing.

and @phoenyx, I went on a rampage and downloaded all possible Mac media players they had, and now I’m in love with Amarok. Simple, slightly unusual but very usable interface, all the features I needed, and it works perfectly. Till now I haven’t encountered that many bugs, it just crashed once. I miss the integration of a media player and web mp3 downloader from Songbird, but still, Amarok has got all the basic features I needed, so I’m happy I stumbled upon it.

And that brings me to a related question. Since Songbird is gone now, and I can’t get Limewire to work for some reason (the newer versions need Leopard (java 1.6), the older versions refuse to connect to the net although they worked perfectly fine before I installed the newer version)
So anyhow, I’ve decided to try out other p2p applications, and came across only soulseek till now, which doesn’t seem to have a very great network, as I am not getting any search results on very common search terms…any ideas?

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@skorned, the program is now called Nightingale.

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