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Whats a good song to use in a stop motion video?

Asked by shockvalue (5797points) May 11th, 2009

name of the song and the artist/band

The Film is about “Growth” but the song needn’t be related… In fact, songs without lyrics would be preferred.

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Classical Gas by Mason Williams. Its an instrumental. Got a quick tempo with enough pauses along the way to highlight scenes and a couple of complete changeups if you need a subject change. Get the original version.

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It’s ahrd to say without seeing the film but how about the Allman Brothers’ instrumental “Jessica.” It’s very upbeat and catchy, but has some nice changes in it too.

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Just thought of something else: “Take 5” by Dave Brubeck. Nice, swingy jazz tune.

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One of my favorite videos is Return to Innocence by Enigma. The lyrics are muted when combined with the images, but yes, it does have lyrics.

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Do you need to be able to secure the rights to the song? Or are you allowed to use copyrighted songs? If you have some time, browse around on the Jamendo website, there’s a huge variety of music and a lot of it is licensed Creative Commons so you can use it and feel good about using it.

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It’s just a school project, So copyrighted material is A-Ok (in this instance)

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@dynamicduo thanks for that link, great site with great bands.

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Listen to RJD2, he does a ton of really great instrumentals that are very melodic without being boring. Some suggested tracks…
– Exotic Talk
– 1976
– Since We Last Spoke

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Try Jordan from Buckethead (he does instrumentals almost exclusively). His heavy use of the guitar’s kill switch seems to lend itself to stop motion animation. I’ve linked the live version above for illustrative purposes, but there is also a shorter studio version.

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Anything by Ratatat :)

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im going to say if its sentimental, like dead friends type of deal, the countingcrows might be of some use to you. just try to find a sond that doesnt include a womans name, alot of their songs do. the fray or even troi amos have that kind of softening, damp mellow sound that might fit your needs just as well.

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I think you should use some classic or sad song for that.Like this song Show me the meaning of being lonely

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