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What is the best way to organize yourself, when it come to school.

Asked by GoPhillies (162points) May 11th, 2009

I am in college. I find that I do not have much trouble with understanding the material that professor is teaching, and tests are gerneraly no sweat. However, I also find myself very unorganized. If I am taking 4 courses what is the best way to keep the oganized.

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Try to think ahead…

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Have a folder and a binder for each course. Stick all your completed homework assignments in the corresponding folder, and when you get assignments and quizzes back, 3 hole punch them, and stick them in the binder. Any handouts you get go in the binder, too. Although, if you are already doing well, maybe your system works for you. I am a very organized person, so I like to have everything in order. But there are plenty of people who need a little chaos in their lives.

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Have a way to capture handouts. Folders could work, but I didn’t have much luck with that. I use three-ring binder. Whenever I get a handout, I punch it and stick it in there (divided by class). I also date each handout when I receive it, to keep track of how it fits into the big picture.

I swear, I wrote that at the same time as @Les.

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@aidje: You know what they say about great minds and how they think…

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As far as computer documents, I have an inbox folder on my desktop. Nothing leaves it without going to the proper place (that includes having the right name). I keep all of the school documents in one folder, with a new one each semester. I have a unique prefix for each course. Documents are named as such: “Forensics – Journal 1 (Bitter Pill)”. Choose a name that identifies the assignment, but also help keeps it in order with similar assignments. Also make sure that, when naming files, you make a distinction between notes, instructions, contributions from others (for group projects) and the actual final product of the assignment.

Don’t lose your syllabi and course calendars.

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The easiest way for me to stay organized in college was to get a five subject notebook – with pocket folder dividers to keep any loose leaf papers. I just took notes in the corresponding paper, and everything was BAM, right there.

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One 3-ring binder for each course, brought to each and every class of that course (no excuses for leaving it at home). New papers are hole punched and put in. Notes are taken on loose leaf paper and put into the binder. Every single sheet is dated when it gets into my hands and put in the appropriate place.

Five subject books are nice but they don’t manage handouts at all. And I don’t like the idea of separating notes I write from notes/handouts I am given. Hence I enjoy the binder method.

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I thought they teach you this in elementary or at least high school.

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FOLDERS!!! I don’t even know how much I can stress this. Keep a folder with everything in it, don’t throw anything away unless you’re 100% sure that you aren’t going to need it, and make sure you don’t scatter things here and there. Have one place for everything.

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@dragonface everyone is good at something so don’t be such a smart ass.

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