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Do i tell him i still love him?

Asked by Palindrome (1084points) May 12th, 2009

well, we never went out. we’ve always been good friends since the 7th grade. we always flirted on and off. well now he goes to another high school and i found out he now has a child, which i’m not surprised. back in junior high he went out with a lot of my friends. i told myself, me and him would never work out. but for the couple of past years, from the transition of junior high to high school, he asked me out a couple of times and i declined. i’ve always just had my guard up with him when it came to him asking me out. Anyways i haven’t talked to him in a while, and i was looking back at our old myspace messages. He was telling me i had a good head on my shoulders and that i was going to get far in life. i miss him a lot. he has quit all of the sports he used to do to take care of his daughter. he could of got scholarships for sports. i just feel like maybe i should have gone out with him, maybe he wouldn’t have gotten this other girl pregnant. deep down he has a good heart, and a clever mind. i just wished he still went to my school and that he didn’t get a girl pregnant. do i still love him? do i tell him? i found his number and texted him today. i couldn’t say anything when he said he missed me. now i know for sure it will never work out.

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Nope. Move on. You have a lot of life ahead of you. There will be plenty of loves. You have to trust me on this. Right now, at your age, everything is new and everything is forever.

Don’t believe that. Be cool. You will find a love, and maybe many loves, before you are gone from this earth.

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You don’t love him. It’s a crush. Move on.

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if you don’t mind me asking but how old are both of you? and how old is the child?

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Yes move on….and focus on inserting a few capitals..who are you ee cummings?

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No. Move on. Take all this advice to heart.

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oh sorry about the grammar/spelling. i’m kind of laid back about capitals on fluther.
well i’m 16; he’s the same age.
his daughter is 5 months old.
i just regressed back to him recently. just missed him and was wondering if i still loved him.

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Move on. You’ll get over him. Besides, the last thing you want is baby mama drama at 16.

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Wow! 16!

We all live so many lifetimes over, what matters to you now and is important to you now, probably wont be significant in 5 years time!

You will have a few loves, and at such a young age – it is still yet to happen!

Dont listen to others about ‘wasting your time’ this is not the case – you can still care for a person, and let him know that you care – just be strong about it and make sure that he knows the difference between you being a friend and that there could not be something more. And dont do the pity thing – you can not and could not haved save him from himself and his own life choices!

Be young and make the most of your youth…

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He has a kid? No. End right there. Move on. You need to (in my opinion) focus on living your life, becoming educated, getting a good job where you enjoy what you do and can support yourself. Don’t live in a world of regrets, which is what you are doing now. You can’t change the past, you can only change your future. I highly advise you to keep things as friends between the two of you.

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you can do better hon. dont sell yourself short and dont let him play with your heart like this.

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Move on.
You heart can be put to much better use.

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thanks peeps.

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You don’t have to tell him something he should not really need to know. ;)

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I was looking through my old questions. Just an update on this.
This guy still goes to another school and in between now and the time I wrote this question, some things have happened.
Lets see. He has always tried to talk to me over the summer, and over the summer of 2009 that’s exactly what he did. “I really want a chance with you, if you could just give me this chance at having you as my girl, I promise I won’t let you down..blah blah blah” Anyways he asked me to go to the mall with him…which I did. The thing is there was another girl there with him when we met up. I’m thinking this girl is like his cousin or something and just came along. Next thing you know we start walking down to some store and he starts putting his arm around this girl. I’m like. Okay so that’s not his cousin. I decide to ditch him & the awkward situation. When I got home I decided to text him. Like what’s your point here? You want to talk to me, yet when we meet up at the mall you want to chill with me & your new girl friend? I’m sorry, but I don’t work like that. He’s like the epitome of a douchebag. Anyways I dropped him then and there & told him I was done with him and his little games. We haven’t talked since then (even though he has tried contacting me multiple times) Just recently I finished summer school and he texted me while I was in class saying “If you have a heart, I would like you to please text me back…”

welps. i guess i don’t have a heart haha.

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I do not blame you! You are so much better off without him around! What a jerk! Yeah…you’re the one without a heart…suuure

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