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Sarsaparilla, Root Beer...What about Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer?

Asked by Strauss (23341points) May 12th, 2009

Most soft drinks (root beer, ginger ale, etc) are now no more than flavored sparkling water, with lots of sweetener. Have you ever had true ginger ale or ginger beer? It’s delicious!

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I really like Reed’s, which I’m pretty sure is a real ginger ale and is available at Trader Joe’s.

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Sorry, but I’m just not a ginger guy.

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Reed’s Ginger beer is good stuff, nice & spicy.

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I don’t think I have. Only Schweppes from the store. Have no idea how to get those things. Don’t think it’s available in my country.

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I love ginger, but ginger beer is odd to me. Something about a spicy drink unno its like i need another drink to wash it down lol. Real root beer is amazing though. Virgils is the shit!

Only downside is once you try it and taste the amazingness of it all those other root beers will taste really inferior to it.

@oratio dont know where you live, but you can usually find this stuff in organic/heath food stores.

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@uberbatman I live in sweden. Maybe. I suspect not, but I’ll be sure to check. Thanks for the tip. We don’t really drink stuff like that here, never have. Only the “flavored sparkling water” mostly used for drinks.

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Sorry, but this thread has a tough act to follow.

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Virgil’s is good, but there’s this brand in my store from Maine, I can’t remember its name, but it’s even better!

There’s a brand of Sarsaparilla that I get up in New Hampshire that is pretty good. Of course, I can’t remember that name, either. Squam Lake?

Anyone ever had Moxie? Before corn syrup was better, but it’s still interesting even with corn syrup as a sweetener.

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One of my dad’s cousins used to make his own root beer and ginger beer. His root beer was very good, his ginger beer a bit strong for my juvenile palate. However, I might like it today.

However, we will never forget the night when, because he had forgotten to wire the corks, the latest batch stored in the cellar began shooting corks off and breaking bottles left and right.

Now that was a memorable dinner party!

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Ginger beer is great for digestion warms the stomach and ginger is known for it’s anti inflammatory properties. I consider it a special treat to pick some up. Reeds seems to be the only one I have found locally.

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