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Roughly how long does it take to incorporate?

Asked by ncorddry (8points) December 3rd, 2006
How long is the process? How much paper work does it take? How much does it cost? Can it be done in a weeks time?
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Lots of websites offer a few day turn-around if you're willing to spend $300... It also depends how complex a corporation you want to start, and how many decisions you have to make (which state, which type, how many shares, etc. )
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I've only had experience with incorporating a nonprofit, so maybe its different, but i think you have to go through your state's business portal (in CA, you go here and first formally request the name, which takes some time, and then go through the rest of the process - drafting articles of incorporation and bylaws often takes more time to agree upon than you think. i'd say atleast a couple weeks. but i am no expert.
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IANAA, but I heard from an accountant that a lawyer should be able to incorporate you in a few days - a week. I have no firsthand experience with this, however.
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It depends on your longterm goal honestly. Usually the best thing to do if you are simply trying to start a business is pay $25 dollars at your city and county builing and file LLC papers (Limited Liability Corporation).
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Sorry..didnt finish the thought. An LLC is a cheaper alternative to trademarking a name or logo and works just the same. An LLC protects your private assets in cases of lawsuit or insurance.

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