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Why are people shocked Ferrari may leave F1 next year ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4397points) May 15th, 2009

This year they have not really been showing the Ferrari spirit , hardly any points lack of good driving . Now because of the proposed 40 million price cap they have announced they may leave , i think they are using the price cap as an excuse and don’t want to admit they just plain suck now that the rules have changed, the drivers have to drive not computers they and most other high end teams can not cope with the likes of Brawn GP . Ok Ferrari are like a huge team / money bringer in the F1 community is it just sour grapes or do Ferrari really want to leave because they cant spend so much money as they used to ?

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‘Cause it’s Ferrari, and you either hate ir or love it. It’s as if the Yankees were leaving MLB.

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People like red cars. Easy to follow on the track.

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Oh? I don’t believe they would do that. They have raced forever, it’s a big part of who they are. What are these new rules exactly?

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I am not at all shocked and the last time I checked I was still “people”.

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Ferrari is Ferrari is “THE” name in F1. They have been around in F1 for ages and are currently the biggest name in the sport.

the major problem in the proposed new regulations is the new budget cap. The teams would be capped at £40 million. or about $80 million USD per season. which is quite low in F1 terms.

personally i would not mind seeing Raikkonen and Massa out of Ferrari. They both bug the hell out of me.

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It is true tho Ferrari boss’ are deadly serious if this cap goes ahead they are out .
i think the cap will be a good thing for there money saving in the F1 . Ferrari are not the same team this year they have no points ( well very low ) no chance of winning anything this year why would they be so worried about a price cap if everyone had the same cash to spend then everyone is on the same terms . Ferrari are not ” The name ” in F1 these days its Brawn GP and Jenson Button even Mac Laren are not even THE team this year they will be lucky to score high in the ranks .
It is a true driver in these cars now where last year and many years before they have had a computer of some sort breaking for them and doing various other jobs in the car . Now its all drivers and car manufacturers Ferrari are not one of them big babies crying about money ( money they need to save ) lots of sponsors are leaving this season also and the U.S.A have a team for next year maybe end of this season

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