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What made your best Birthday so good? And, what about your worst Birthday, why so awful?

Asked by Jude (32134points) May 15th, 2009
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I’m struggling to come up with a memorable birthday at all. xD

My best was probably sometime when I was a kid and such things as birthdays brought unsurpassed joy due to the expectation of getting more toys to play with.

My worst was probably this year during a… stormy part of my life.

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My life isn’t over yet so I have no way of knowing. Ask me later – much later. My best so far was my twelfth, I haven’t had my worst yet. Or maybe I have – in which case I am lucky.

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My best was my 13th because my grandfather came through open heart surgery with no complications. 22 years later he is still going strong – he will be 90 in June.

Worst birthday was either my 16th or my 27th. I spent my 16th alone after my best friend canceled our plans at the last minute. I watched Stella and cried. I spent my 27th in the mental hospital with a 4 hour pass for lunch at Applebee’s with my parents and grandparents. God, I sound pathetic. lol

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Easy! My first birthday was the best. All the attention and an entire cake to play with and rub into my hair!

My 16th was the worst. My grandmother passed away on Dec. 31st. My birthday is Jan. 4th. My mother had to fly 2000 miles away for the service. I always had this idea of a “sweet sixteen” and my mother couldn’t share it with me. I felt really alone that day.

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My best was probably my 16th. I was free of fear, full of life, and at the beach with my best friend and very little supervision. What could be better than that? ;)

I don’t think I’ve had a worst. Some not so great, but nothing too tragic.

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I mark the exact day by giving my self a nice present and getting out my favorite birthday card I bought myself a few years ago.

We always have a huge family birthday party in San Diego, because six family members were born in February, and most of the rest were born in December and don’t get to celebrate properly.

I have reason to believe my 13th birthday was my best, because I almost didn’t make it to that one. I spent Christmas in the hospital with a botched appendix operation, and almost died, so on my birthday four weeks later, I was barely walking.

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On my best birthday, all of my friends were there and we had a good time, and they made me feel important and loved…

On my worst birthday, I got drunk, alienated half of my friends and ended up puking when I got home. Not good. Never recovered some relationships from that night.

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On my twelfth birthday my girlfriend gave me something um, very personal – for the first time – and I haven’t had my worst one yet.

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@DarkScribe At 12?!? Okay, I have to go lock up my daughters now…

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Best: 24 of my friends sat in my living room and we all sang karaoke and played rock band till 5:00am.

Worst: 24 of my friends sat in my living room and we all sang karaoke and played rock band till 5:00am.

I am 40. I am still waiting for a boring birthday :/

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@augustlan She was much older – I skipped two grades in school. Normal for her age, wow for me. My eldest daughter matriculated at twelve and started University at thirteen. I kept a VERY close eye on her and her friends.

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All of my birthdays have been equally mediocre or less.

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BEST birthday was probably my 18th – small but wild party at home with close friends and serenaded by Pete, the local busker, singing one of my all time favourite songs Cecelia by Simon and Garfunkel live and acustic in my lounge!!

Worst birthday ever, last one spent in UK, before living in NZ for a bit. Yep last year my husband got beat up through his car window for NO reason! long story – but short version, the guy pulled out on my hubby at a roundabout, stopped in middle of road, hubby drove round him, (didn’t flip him off, beep horn) the guy followed him aggressively, hubby pulled over to let him pass he swerved in front blocked him in came to the already open window and proceeded to pummel him though the window!
I spent my birthday watching him get his top lip sewn up by a facial surgeon because the git who punched him split it so badly he made a hole in it and it needed 3 layers of stitches!! And to cap it all the guy got away with it! His excuse was he was stressed because his wife had a miscarriage the week before (something I wouldn’t wish on anyone but it happened to a friend of mine a few months ago and her hubby didn’t go round hitting people)
Mu husband now has a permenant scar on his top lip and is still a little wary about driving with his window down!!

Rant over!!!

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My best birthday was the where I met my wife many years ago.

The worst was two years ago when my son was coming over for my birthday and a drunk blew a stop sign and killed him! I do not have birthday get togethers anymore.

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@justwannaknow that’s awful I guess you never get over anything like that.

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The only saving grace is that I still have my wife.

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A strong partner is a God send for me, I don’t think I would have got through half as much rubbish in my life without my husband. I hope you have each other in your lives for a long time to come.

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My best was 21, my worst was 19. When I turned 21, it was also the first day all my friends were back on campus, so we all went out for cheap Mexican and saw Snakes on a Plane. It was awesome.

When I turned 18, I’d just gotten to college and didn’t really know anyone. My hall planned a double-birthday celebration for me and another girl on my hall. They forgot me.

Worse, however, was when I turned 19, had lots of friends, and they all totally forgot. Well, not quite. My roommate had to dash home for something and her boyfriend distracted her so that she couldn’t make it back in time for our planned going out to dinner to celebrate. And no one else remembered. So I was going to go on a donut run with another group of friends to celebrate someone going abroad, but then they left without me. It kind of blew since I was a third of the team that planned all their birthday parties. Even the other teammates forgot! Um, so then after I pouted for like a week, they had a party for me which was miserable because while it was bad enough that they forgot, the “oops we forgot!” party was just… worse. It felt like they were doing it way more because I pouted at them than because they actually cared. Which was probably true.

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